It Was Forty Years Ago Today

Last updated : 26 June 2007 By The Govanhill Gub and Dubwiser

The Summer of Love, the Summer of 1967, saw the release of one of the most famous albums of all time: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band; an album as famous for its innovative cover as it was for the music. Forty years later, the famous record sleeve is given a Rangers-style makeover thanks to the efforts of two Followfollowers.

The Govanhill Gub:

Fixing A Hole

Symbolism was the key word for me right from the off and I wanted to lay the ground rules right away. I wanted the four 'Peppers' to be the most iconic Rangers players of my lifetime for whatever reasons. All I can say is the four Rangers Peppers for me anyway basically picked themselves.

Getting Better

My initial thought was replacing the original faces on the cover with Rangers players. But how could you put, say, iron man Harold Davis' fave for instance on Diana Dors' body? That just wouldn't work. Dubwiser, as always, was thinking outside the box. He just got rid of Diana Dors completely and replaced her with Alan Morton. But look again at the original cover and then look at Alan Morton. The wee blue devil has his hand on a hap a'la Ms Dors.


Within You Without You

The boxer at the bottom, he [Gub] wanted Sonny Liston to be replaced by Big Marv. I originally thought of Jim Watt. In the end up I settled on a former Rangers chairman, Sir John Ure Primrose all 'dandied' up to the hilt.

I also asked on the FF message boards if anyone had any photographs of our founders. There is a famous old picture and Moses and Peter Campbell are there but not Peter McNeil or William McBeath. So that explains the plaque on the bottom left; four young men started off as rowers, stepped off at Glasgow Green and ended up forming the greatest football club in the world. The greatest story never told.

A full explanation of the Rangers Pepper picture is in FollowFollow issue 188.

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