Never Hurry A Murray !

Last updated : 02 September 2002 By Grandmaster Suck

The summer's big news was that Chairman David had abdicated and nothing would ever be the same. That is, until you read the small print that not one thin dime had left the Murray coffers. So what we have is a fall guy in the shape of John McClelland who will take the flak should things go pear shaped but the real power remains with David Murray.

I don't imagine for one nano second that any decisions will be taken without Murray's say so, so where is the big change.

The fact remains that Rangers as a club are in the financial poo as a result of Murray's fiscal recklessness and it seems to this correspondent that the Minty One does not fancy the task of turning it around so somebody else has to do the dirty work.

It is not enough to say we signed some overpriced, overpaid, under-achieving superstars without questioning also the role of those who took the decision to sign these players. In particular, eyebrows have to be raised at the entire Michael Ball affair where Rangers as a club do not seem to have learned the lessons of Daniel Prodan and Seb Rozental.

These medical gaffes have cost us millions but nobody seems to have admitted liability for any of it.

If Mr McClelland starts by ridding the club of the Murray toadies and incompetents, he will have made a good start. Rangers minded people should be employed by the club instead of the East Coast Mafia we have at present, you know it makes sense !