Last updated : 29 August 2002 By Grandmaster Suck

I have to say I'm very skeptical about our new self-made shirts. I think it smacks of short-termism and lack of ambition. One wee point before I go any further - there was an amusing incident when during a presentation to supporters groups about how Nike 'profiteered' from selling shirts and how the club would get a better deal from making their own.

As the finances were explained and it was shown how middlemen took money here and there one bright spark piped up 'so, as we¹re cutting out the middlemen the shirts will be cheaper next season then?'

Cue a few club reps coughing, spluttering and looking at the floor! I wouldn't hold your breath.

Although I'm sure the club will have done their figures I think this deal has all the hallmarks of the quick buck and short-term improvement to the cashflow rather than fitting in with the oft-repeated 'building the Rangers brand' around the world.

Firstly - does anyone really expect Rangers, even with the use of marketing agents. to be able to come anywhere near the global reach of a brand like Nike? I simply don't believe that we¹ll be able to place the goods in places where Nike could.

Secondly, a huge part of the appeal of the strip to non-Rangers fans is the Nike brand - a lot of people wearing it around the world will do so because of the Nike swoosh and the guarantee of quality it brings.

As with a few other changes around Ibrox this last wee while I take it to be a sign of weakness rather than one of innovation.