You wanted lions, well how about a TIGER!

Last updated : 20 April 2013 By somedrunkguy

He's in line to be the temporary/interim/holdthefort CEO of Rangers.

You may remember he bought 10% of the Club last July, with talk of him aiming to "assist in the club's youth development at Murray Park (puke)."

Not a lot new to go on at the moment because he's barely caused a ripple in his short time of involvement.

But here's something of great interest. It's Craig's profile from the website of Simply Sports Management. Mr. Mather's the Managing Director of this agency.



Although the text is clearly written by someone for whom English is a second language there is one bright spot. A Tiger. Craig bottle-feeds Tigers.

Perhaps he also tends to sick alligators or can convince a recalictrant parrot to deliver a version of Rule Britannia fit for the Last Night of the Proms.

You will note from the site that the original URL for the image ends 'craig-mather-hero'. He'll need to have a magic touch, that's for sure.