Yes Bears, it is only Tuesday...

Last updated : 19 May 2009 By Sccgers
A text message I received on Sunday morning from my season ticket neighbour at Ibrox needed no explanation, it simply was a picture of Marvin Andrews. As we left Ibrox on Saturday I was happy we simply had the three points, as the unhappy texts rolled in from fellow bears fearing we had blown it, I texted back simply, ‘Keep Believing’.

On Sunday I believed Hibs would get something and sat through the whole 90 minutes willing the final whistle to sound, a result which leaves us one win from Glory. We do not need to rely on anyone, it’s all about ourselves, and for me Sunday can’t come soon enough, for various reasons.

I was as happy as anyone when the full time whistle went at Easter Road, as my neighbours will testify. The phone immediately began to ring with many excited mates all swapping texts of joy and relief at another Celtic failing. Keeping my feet firmly grounded I allowed myself only briefly to dream of the glory Sunday might bring.

But that feeling of delight quickly faded and turned into something else: a deep feeling of anxiety and nervousness which has gripped me ever since. Every spare second is concerned with our trip to Tannadice, my concentration at work is nil as I sit willing it to be 1pm on Sunday. I haven’t allowed myself to enjoy the situation we are in; I almost daren’t talk out loud about what I might do should we win this.

I believe most bears will feel the same way and be consuming themselves even more than normal with the impending fixture. What will the team be? What will Walter do? Will we start quick and fast? I must admit it’s all I am thinking about at the moment. I’m due to get married two weeks on Saturday; I’m not even giving that a thought at the moment, this is all that matters!

The players should be ready, quite simply if they can’t do it now then I fear we never will. Our destiny is in our own hands and we really couldn’t have asked for a better situation to be in - well maybe a home game could have been nice! But at this stage I will take what we have, it’s about time we broke our Tannadice jinx and what an occasion it would be to do. The players have shown fight to come back from 7 points behind and have shown with nine wins from ten that we are ready, mentally they have shown tremendous bottle and fight, now is the time for them to step up again.

Sunday is massive for our club, it is not an over exaggeration to say this is bigger than Manchester; quite simply it is. Failure is not an option and that’s why I am not going to go over it, we all know the ramifications for the club.

Come Sunday night I hope we are all celebrating. We are so close yet we are also quite a bit away, we are all going to need strong minds and good concentration not just on Sunday but to help us through this week as we await our destiny.

Just do it Rangers:  bring this title home

Keep Believing!