Where Do We Go From Here?

Last updated : 30 January 2007 By Killie Billy
A goalless draw with Hearts was hardly the result we
wanted but, if nothing else, it gave us confirmation
that the new management team doesn't have a magic wand
to make things better overnight. Indeed, there might
be some serious pride to be swallowed before there is
any cause for optimism around Ibrox again.

As the closure of the transfer window looms up on the
horizon, the big talking point before Saturday's match
was the Jambos line-up, with no Gordon, Neilson or
Hartley, and I couldn't believe the crap I heard on
the radio, tipping both Gordon and Hartley to be on
Walter's shopping list.

Please don't go there, Gaffer. Paul Hartley's
contempt for us knows no bounds and if he was to be
signed it would be yet another indication of the sad
slide in standards at our club. Nor have I ever been
a big fan of Gordon, believing him to be overrated,
but I don't suppose I'd lose too much sleep if he was
to come to Ibrox. Of the weekend's three absentees,
I'd say Robbie Neilson would be the better signing,
seeing as we ain't too clever at right-back.

On the evidence of Saturday, the partnership of David
Weir and Ugo Ehiogu can work and, once Andy Webster
has pushed himself into the frame, we will be much
more secure at the back. Three clean sheets on the
trot is a long overdue sign that we ain't in the
business of giving away freebies anymore. Hey, it
ain't all bad!!!

We should have won the game, of that I have no doubt.
We had enough of the ball but just lacked that
creative spark to create clear-cut opportunities,
although on recent form I'm not convinced Boydie would
have tucked any chances away.

Kris is at a vital stage of his career. Does he think
he has cracked it because he did the business for
Killie and got his dream move to Ibrox? He is in
grave danger of making the same mistake as Stevie
Thompson, who was no better as a player when he left
for Cardiff City than he was when he arrived at Ibrox
four years ago.

Thompson had the likes of Caniggia, Arveladze, Mols
and De Boer to work with and learn from but just
didn't do it. Instead of swanning around like a big
shot, Boydie should be putting in double shifts to
make himself a better player, working on his touch,
his left foot and the timing of his runs. Could he
ask for a better tutor than Super Ally? C'mon big
man, get the finger out or, just like Thommo, you'll
end up with some non-descript outfit down south.

And when did we last see the Ibrox pitch in such a
state? I'm told playing the second half of the Dundee
United game on a rain-sodden surface did a great deal
of damage but surely some work could have been done in
the ensuing two weeks to make the pitch better. Or is
that another area where our club is cutting back? If
we don't give the players a proper pitch to play on,
we can hardly complain when they serve up some piss
poor stuff.

Despite the lack of inspiration in our play, I thought
we'd won it near the end when Baz turned Burkey's
cross into the net and I had a few choice words for
the linesman who flagged for offside. But having seen
it again on TV, I've got to admit that the bassa got
it right. Aye, there's a first time for everything.

With the Manky Mob getting their seemingly mandatory
injury-time winner on Sunday, we are now an
insufferable 19 points behind them. For months I've
been telling myself they ain't that good so maybe now
I've just got to accept it is us who are that bad.
But for how much longer must I accept it?

The best we can expect for now is that Walter steadies
the ship. Our signing targets certainly don't fill me
with too much enthusiasm and, in the case of Hartley,
I'm filled with horror. If he gets to pull a blue
jersey over his head, there must be serious concerns
about the future of the Rangers we know and love.

Sure, we'll still be here long after he has moved on
but all the signs are that we could be facing some
very dire times over the next few seasons.