When the trust runs out.

Last updated : 02 September 2013 By FF.com

We reached the point where we couldn’t trust the statements, notices and articles being posted on our own official site.

Good men were forced to submit propaganda, lies and deceit, often fully aware that some of the said material was (at best) complete and utter fantasy.

That’s a very difficult position in which to find oneself; especially for those who at the Club who love the Rangers (they do exist) – those who cannot believe how lucky they are to play even a small part in spreading the Rangers message.

And that message became poison. You could even say toxic. The Club lied. The official site was used to spread those lies. It misled - deliberately and repeatedly - and with no concern for those who keep the Club alive: the fans.

We have now re-employed Media House, whose record under Murray, Whyte, Green and co is a matter of record.

As now is the ‘exclusive interview’ granted today by Mr. Jack Irvine to the Celtic-supporting blogger who owns and runs Scotzine. Yes, that’s the man employed directly by ‘the Club’ (the Board) giving interviews to a Celtic blogger whose conduct throughout the problem times for this Club is also a matter of record.

The idea that Jack is an innocent in these matters will strike some to be as believable as much of the desperate swill spewed forth onto the official site in the last days of Whyte.

Ask yourself what this says about those involved. And what it’s trying to take attention away from, exactly?

Jack Irvine may well be a PR genius but there is only so much even the ‘mad, disgruntled, lunatics’ in the Rangers support can take before it all goes wrong for those spinning and those stalling.

After all, if you can’t trust the Club...