What's It All About?

Last updated : 05 January 2007 By Parkway Al
Those of you old enough to remember will no doubt recognise the lyrics of a certain John Lydon (Public Image Ltd) song from the early 90's, except these were the words I couldn't get out of my head on the way home from work today, the 4th of Jan 2007.

Can anyone tell me exactly what is going on at our great club, still the most successful in the world? Since about 2.30 this afternoon, my phone's been red-hot with fellow bears on to discuss the departure of PLG, all with our own theories as to how and why, as well as our own thoughts on who to blame, and more importantly, what the future holds for us.

I for one was one of the people behind PLG from day one, and until today, STILL behind the manager. Until we get the full facts (if ever, Mr Murray), we can only surmise the reasons behind PLG's actions of the last few days. Let's look back to the start of the season and the great football we played while Barry was injured; only not winning more due to a lack of finishing.

Since Barry came back, while he's looked particularly good, our football's went backwards. Now I'm not daft enough to suggest this is all down to one man, but while Barry's looked as if he's been dragging us by the scruff of the neck, has he been doing so to the detriment of the team?

I ask you to look back to the 1-1 draw with Inverness last season, where we played Prso up front on his own (at Ibrox). This game epitomised to me the malaise which had swept through our team at the time. Up front on his own, big Dado spent most of the game out on the left wing, where, although he looked as if he was giving his all, wasn't offering anything to the team. I said then, that if he's following the Manager's instructions, we should be giving the manager a hard time. If he's just doing what he wants to do, then it's up to the manager to put him in his place.
My theory is that PLG was taking this line with Barry. I think he'd been told to do a certain job, but responded by doing what he wanted and PLG finally had enough and decided to put a stop to it, before Barry had more say on the team than he did.

Next up, let me say the Scottish media have been stirring things up BIG STYLE for us. The captaincy debate was easy money for them, The Rangers Manager and Captain at loggerheads! Fantastic – no need for real journalism. Some of them wrote about nothing else for days!

But think about it. What they both said made perfect sense. Barry said it was a great honour for him to be Rangers captain. Of course it is/was. How would anyone reading this feel if they were Rangers captain? I'd have given my right leg to have played one game for Rangers (after the game of course), but to be captain would have been a dream come true! So… no problems with Barry there. On the other hand, PLG's comments that being captain in Scotland means more than on the continent are completely true too. Let's face it, what input does a captain have on the park except for tossing a coin and swapping pennants? Tactics would have been worked out before the game, and if things change during the game the manager can pass a message to ANYONE on the park to change things. How many times have we seen a sub come on and tell the team what the changes are? And I don't buy the line about the captain geeing up the rest of the team. If they can't do that themselves, they shouldn't be on the park. Go back to the teams of the 90's, with John Brown, Gazza, Mark Hateley, Gough, Goram, Ally, McCall etc. EVERY ONE of them a captain in their own right, but only one of them officially. So, yes, both were right. No need to get worked up about it!

Whatever happens, NOW is the time for Murray to come out and show some leadership. Give us the facts. Tell us about the recent happenings at the club before the rumours get out of hand. Let the supporters know, before we're divided again, this time on whether Barry's the villain of the piece or not. As I said earlier, up until today I had sided with PLG, now I'm not so sure. Had Barry made things so bad for him, or was he looking for an escape clause, perhaps to his homeland and PSG.

Now, let me ask, “What next?” Is the new manager gonna get money to spend, or are we looking at more Bosman's… again? Who's gonna be the new manager? I've just seen on the news that Webster's coming on loan, and we're buying the Hibs pair of Brown and Thomson. So who decided on that then? PLG, Murray, the new manager? If it's the case that PLG wanted these players, then what makes anyone think that the new manager wants them (unless Murray already knows who the new manager is)? OR, heaven forbid, Murray's picking the players we buy.

Hopefully we aim high. While I want us to reclaim top spot at home, it's not enough! We've got to do better in Europe. Last eight in Champions league should NOT be an unrealistic target. Difficult… yes, but within our grasp.
The other route would see us downsizing even more. Too many Bosman's and we'll be also-rans at home, and lose all respect on the continent. That in turn will make it harder to attract better players, and the sad spiral will continue.

Time for Mr Murray to loosen the purse strings and give us some quality. Players, performances and results MUST improve. Leadership, on and off the field, MUST be the order of the day – not indecision.

Parkway Al