What now for RFC?

Last updated : 05 January 2007 By LinthouseBear1980

I can only think that it has tarnished the reputation of our fine club. It seems that a player has won a battle against the manager and makes it look to everyone that Barry Ferguson is bigger than Rangers Football Club.
For a potential manager coming to this club in the future they are going to wonder if it is worth it. IF the future manager decided to drop Barry Ferguson would his job be on the line as well? This in my opinion is a very serious state of affairs for our club and I can only see one way to resolve it - Sell Barry Ferguson.
I know that some of you will think that it is a ridiculous statement to make but it is the only way that we can move forward as a club. Barry Ferguson has on two separate occasions been given the honour of the Rangers captains armband. This is an honour that all of us would kill for and on both occasions he has screwed it up. That is not the way that a Rangers captain should act. The fact the went running to the press after he was dropped shows me that he should never captain Rangers again and in all honesty should never play for Rangers again.
I personally believe that PLG should have stayed as manager and Barry should have left the club but now we will just have to get on with it. One thing is for sure if Barry Ferguson puts one foot out of line again I would have him out of the club faster than he can call someone a fud.
We must now get behind our team as we had a winning start to 2007 and lets hope to see many more victories along the way this year. Along with the potential signings coming in it looks like we are going back to British players so lets hope we see a bit more commitment on the park as long as they don't start doing what Barry has been doing.
Here is to a successful 2007 under our new management team.