We have to beware papering over 2005's cracked wallpaper

Last updated : 13 May 2009 By Cardee
Ok, it can be argued that if we'd taken even half the chances to put our foot down we've squandered (United, Inverness and Hearts at Ibrox alone), allied with what at best can be called 'dubious' officiating from match officials at the start of the season (too many to list), we'd probably have spent half of Saturday afternoon giving the Tims a rousing of 'championeees'.

However, we found ourselves staring down the barrel of a game that quite simply, could NOT be lost, or as someone once said, "failure was not an option"

However, as much as I'll celebrate winning the league as much as any other, it can't be forgotten that for large periods of this season, we've been rotten.

Upon celebrating our last flag party that famous Sunday afternoon in Easter Road, it was widely acknowledged that as much as it prove that that season we were the best team in the league, it also bought Big Eck another season in the big chair, however, and probably more importantly, it also staved off, for a few months at least, criticism of our Board of Directors.

Yes, as much as we rejoiced in probably the most dramatic conclusion to a league campaign ever, many of the support could tell that we simply papering over cracks.

In my opinion, the cracks are starting to appear in the patch up job. Cracks which first started to appear as long back as 2002, and here we are, 7 years further down the road, and yet we still haven't thought about maybe dealing with the root problem, instead of constantly treading water.
We still face the fear of watching our third title winning team in a row being ripped apart to pay for mistakes made further up the command chain.

Quite simply, the Club is in such a state off the park, we couldn't even profit on our greatest European adventure in nearly 20 years.

But it's on the park I wanna concentrate on here. I suppose you could point out how bad our game is when the worst Old Firm teams in many a long year are still the only title contenders.

As much as I long to see the Rangers grab 'the full deck', I want us to take the opportunity to improve ourselves. Why should Manchester be a once in a lifetime achievement? (Incidentally, I pray to God it aint. While you lot were invading Manchester, I was stuck in the Dominican Republic).

I badly want us to emulate 2005 on the pitch, and build on it, not endure the seasons we've faced since 2005. I dread the thought of winning the league this season, then starting next season with a team comprising players we couldn't even give away as we had to take the offers for the players we wanted to keep, and filling the gaps with players that could best be described as 'journeymen'. Throughout our Clubs history, we've taken pride in knowing we were the Club that other teams looked to emulate, not pity. 

However, I suppose all that's for the future, right now, we've scratched, kicked, fought, but more importantly, WON our way to the top of the league as we approach the final bend of the season. A run of victories that included Saturdays victory over Timmies thanks to a Stevie Davis goal.
Almost unbelievably, the title that we had no chance of winning 2 months ago in some quarters, is now ours to throw away. And as much as I've been critical of the team and its constituent parts in recent weeks and months, you just get the feeling that this group of players know they've done the hard work, and they'll be damned if they're gonna blow it now.

I know I've painted a pretty bleak picture of seasons yet to come, so let me remind folk what a couple of Rangers players told the world that day back in Edinburgh in mid 2005;

Fernando Ricksen - "first is everything, second is nothing"

Marvin Andrews - "KEEP BELIEVING"

Make it happen Rangers!