Wake up little Bluzie

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I die each time I hear this sound

Here he comes, that's Cathy's clown

 As a 60s child I've never seen the point to the 50s, but nevertheless a documentary about the Everley Brothers a couple of hours after our latest farcical away day in Perth the other night helped lighten the gloom, but not for too long.

I'll readily admit, I'm not one of those who sit waiting for the manager's aftermath warblings, or pre match for that matter, every week. For me, what happens on the park is the important thing and no amount of flannel before or after can change that.

However, courtesy of FF, I'm led to believe that post the latest debacle, the manager thought we should have won the game?

Then to top it off, we've now been assured by Club1872 that Plod has been made aware about the filths' banners, their collective hatred and the 'H' word for the Hogmanay fixture.

There you go, a microcosm of everything that is wrong with the club on and off the park. Which roughly translates as a club from the top, billowing down to the fans on the ground who have a problem dealing with reality. I wouldn't mind, but as one of those Rangers fans caught up in the mind warp I'm roped into this garbage too.

We'll start with the manager. I'm now sadly coming to the conclusion the guy is out of his depth. He talks week in and week out about how we should have won this game and that and IF we had converted our chances and don't forget all that possession. I'm sorry Mr Warburton but as my old man used to say; 'Your charges wouldn't be dangerous with a machine gun.' I'd bring it bang up to date. That lot of ours wouldn't be dangerous even in possession of an envelope of Anthrax.

I don't think there's any use talking about the defence anymore. The fact is, the manager should have been thinking about a new centre half four minutes into last season's Scottish Cup Final. That Kiernan is still an integral part of that defence, suggests either a totally misplaced belief or an arrogance on the manager's behalf that he knows better than what is openly staring the rest of us in the face.

Then there's the stuff he should be talking just about every week but doesn't and that is the disgrace that are our officials. Every week our players are rough-housed and our opponents allowed leeway and then some yet our players seem to be penalised at every turn.

However that particular die was cast some 14 months ago when in the aftermath of the Livi cup tie, our manager came out and saw fit to ask referees to protect 'ball players'. I thought it at the time and the issue is still relevant. Why was our manager asking for protection of 'ballplayers' up and down the country when it was only our players, Oduwa, who was the subject of two potentially career-threatening tackles and Zelalem, who was deliberately stamped on? Obviously that lot of ours have never heard of the maxim 'Charity begins at home.’

You have to laugh. While our manager wants to protect everybody, a St Johnstone player via the Daily Record wants a Rangers player punished for a punch that wasn’t.

I'll turn my attention now to the statement from Club 1872 about how they've had stern words with plod about the filth's probable actions/banners etc at Ibrox on Hogmanay. Now maybe it's me, and maybe I'm missing something, but why waste our time complaining to a politicised force in December about banners containing the 'h' word, when they didn't give a toss at Hampden in April or at the cesspit in September?

In fact I'll go further, this same Police Scotland who were happy to tell lies about the Rangers support in May, actually came out and told us that for the LC semi-final two months ago they had no problems with banners containing the 'h' word, so what is the point?

Once again, an open goal of Van Vossen proportions was missed in the wake of September 10th, after the goings on at Parkhead. Instead of saying 'Aw that's really not nice', our lot between club and Club1872 should have been on the attack and pointed questions asked.

Why didn't plod, utilising CCTV, pick up on the effigies immediately and have officers deployed to diffuse the situation?  Why are there continual problems with Strathclyde Police and now Police Scotland and CCTV when it comes to incidents at Parkhead? There you go, it's not that difficult.

That's now, at time of writing, two months short of twelve years since the Ricksen/zippo incident.  It will be nine years come April since Mr Plod failed to connect a mobile phone to the person who threw it at a Rangers player. I simply refuse to believe that a yahoo in the heat of the moment had the presence of mind to take the sim card out before lobbing it. Yet the owner has still not been found.

Why does our Police Force constantly turn a blind eye to the religious and sectarian hatred at Parkhead yet are prepared to be vigilantes and follow, to the letter of the law, any wrong doings that occur within the Rangers support?

Looks like open goals to me, but we're worried about the filth and their banners? Maybe we should be looking at who they employ on match day. And plod’s easy oasy outlook.

In short our club and by association Club1872 fail to recognise that, that pesky 'R' word is at play now here in Scotland like never before. That 'R’ word being religion.

For any Club1872 chap/chapette looking in; As a Rangers fan I don't want you asking questions about the filths' banners on my behalf. I might hate them, but I've lived with their hatred all my life, so another few years won't hurt. Nope, I'd far rather you asked serious questions about why the likes of Sheriff Paul Crozier is allowed to play fast and loose with the laws he has been trusted to uphold.

When you get to the heart of the hypocrisy you will find that pesky 'R' word is at the heart of the matter. That's where the open goal lies.  But who at Ibrox has the guts to tackle that pesky, little 'R' word, eh? You may agree or disagree with me all you like but until we embrace and confront the word religion at Ibrox we will continue to be shafted.

Oh, and getting back to the Everley Brothers. Mr Warburton, being Cathy's Clown is one thing, being Brenda's bitch is quite another.

Mark, 'Walk right back' to us this next 90 minutes. Your career depends upon it.

PS, it’s now just been announced that Kiernan has been offered a two match for whatever at Perth. You just couldn’t make it up and our management’s lack of reply will fall under the same category.