Vile Celtic fans stoop to new depths with Poppy Banner.

Last updated : 06 November 2010 By

 Unfurled today at Celtic Park.

 "Your deeds would shame all the Devils in Hell.

 Ireland, Iraq, Afghanistan.

 No bloostained (sic) poppy on our hoops."



Reports suggest that complaints from other fans were responsible for this monstrosity being removed, but it is hardly the first time this section of the home support has deliberately sought to cause controversy.

 One wonders how the armed forces personnel who support Celtic (or indeed Aberdeen) felt today.

 How those who lost loved ones reacted.

 We are used to the detritus within the Celtic support endorsing and promoting an identity of Irish Republicanism which has nothing to do with the positive aspects of culture or even politics, instead focusing largely on celebrating those who blew up and murdered women and children and continue to promote terror and violence.

 Nobody demands that British citizens - or even human beings - need show their support for the Poppy appeal or even that they need commemorate the sacrifices of others.

 But both Celtic Football Club and the British media need to speak out on this matter.