Union Of Fans statement in response to Sandy Easdale.

Last updated : 24 April 2014 By Grandmaster Suck

“We note Sandy Easdale’s comments to the BBC today and would like to clarify some matters for him. Firstly, his attempt to blackmail the supporters is both transparent and expected. The financial position of the club is not down to lack of support or loyalty from any of our fans, it is down to two years of mismanagement and the squandering of huge sums of money, which Mr Easdale has been a part of for the past 7 months.

Mr Easdale, despite his apparently intimate knowledge of the PLC’s financial position, was unwilling to provide the club with a loan without taking security on it. He now urges fans, who are completely in the dark regarding this board’s ability to take the club forward, to put their money in to sustain the current regime, fronted by him, on behalf of nameless, faceless shareholders of BPH and Margarita.

We would like to know why Mr Easdale is being pushed out to speak on behalf of a PLC board he is not part of. Mr Easdale’s comments about the financial position of the club are share price sensitive, as are his comments about possible administration. These comments directly contradict those of the CEO, Graham Wallace, who is on record as saying that a second administration is not a possibility.

Why is the PLC board allowing Mr Easdale to make these comments on their behalf and why does he have access to such information in any case when he is not a director of the PLC? Once again huge question marks are raised over corporate governance at Rangers by Mr Easdale’s role at the club, which has never been clarified.

We would also like to state that we will not be lectured by a Greenock Morton fan on loyalty to Rangers. We have fans in our ranks who have had season tickets for over 20 years and have contributed more to Rangers over the years than Mr Easdale ever will. It is a measure of the distrust and complete disillusionment with this board that people who have devoted most of their lives to following Rangers have already cancelled their season tickets.

Perhaps, rather than meaningless sound bites, veiled digs at those opposing Mr Easdale’s regime and unfulfilled promises about investment, Mr Easdale would be better clarifying what his position at the club actually entails and why he has access to sensitive PLC information when he has been unable, despite trying, to get himself onto that board. Perhaps he could also tell us what has happened to the investment he said was lined up for the club prior to the AGM in December? Did it ever actually exist?

Maybe he could also clarify why Jack Irvine is still attempting to brief journalists on Rangers’ stories? Is it on Mr Easdale’s behalf? The board have stated that he has been removed and we are not aware of any previous philanthropic work carried out by Mr Irvine on behalf of Rangers.

Finally we would question why Graham Wallace has just recruited another highly paid, PR spin doctor, Paul Tyrell, to replace Jack Irvine when the club does not even have a Chief Scout. We have moved from a PR man who disgracefully denigrated club legend, John Greig, to one who likened his own fans to the Khmer Rouge when at Liverpool.

It is interesting that this new spin doctor arrives a week after Mr Wallace refused to clarify the position with his 100% bonus, and the suspicion is that this is another appointment to help the board rather than the club itself.”