Time For A Reality Check

Last updated : 11 March 2013 By William Thorn

It's 5.10am Sunday morning, I'm reading FF and feeling we're going nowhere. We have remained almost silent since the tribunal whilst  others chose to vent their spleen unchallenged by anyone.


There have been more "meetings with fans" over the past few months than there has over the past 100 years and yet we still don't have a cohesive media plan to correct the wrongs against our club and install a strategy that will make journalists think twice about attacking us at will.


The random comments shot from the hip of our CEO range from accurate to humorous via embarrassing but more importantly they are totally unpredictable.


We have a Chairman who openly avoids sitting with the CEO and other Directors, we have a wage bill that has no relevance to our league status and there is a problem with both our style of play and our results.


Our crowds are dwindling before our eyes.


Yesterday saw 34k at Ibrox and I do not expect to see any more than that at our remaining home games. If we get promoted then increase the prices we will lose people.


The reaction to Berwick has been almost farcical. We pay for our own security, we pay police costs and despite hundreds singing unacceptable songs there were only two arrests. It seems if I'm at a game and listen to this without performing a citizen's arrest or calling on the police to arrest the accused then I'm as guilty as said accused: this is nonsense.


It's the job of the authorities to arrest suspects and charge them accordingly. It is absolutely nothing to do with me if someone next to me chooses to commit a crime on a bus, or in the street or anywhere else, including a football match.


Our actual owners remain unidentified and we are stumbling along almost begging to get into the English league as some dream escape route. We are a Scottish team and we were invited to join the SFL by over 30 member clubs to whom we owe a debt of gratitude not to mention respect.


This perpetual "no one likes us, we don't care" has crept back in despite our intention to "make friends" on our journey back to the top.


It would appear we are more focussed on a renegade sort of PR campaign than we are on a proper long term plan both on and off the field that ensures we get stronger by the day in every department of our club.


We are still being vilified on a daily basis by our media and we have done absolutely nothing about it. We have well meaning, self appointed people appearing on blogs and National TV representing our club. These people have actually done a pretty decent job considering they are untrained amateurs up against seasoned professionals but its just not right.


Where are our official spokesman?


Why are we still using Mediahouse?


Our PR is weak, very weak. We are a world wide positive news story but not in Scotland. We have watched  Man Utd show us how to deal with people who they believe have written untruths about their club, banned without hesitiation!


We are not going to improve one iota until we have a proper strategy. As someone once said:


"If you keep doing what you've been doing the you'll keep getting what you've been getting."