They Are Not Normal Poll Riggers

Last updated : 24 October 2002 By Grandmaster Suck
Fine venue, fine fans and fine wine
Just a matter of weeks ago we had a 'campaign' by online Celtic fans to vote for Parkhead as the Greatest Sporting Venue in Britain. Only days after Celtic Park 'won' the poll, the fans on Internet messageboards were complaining about the lack of atmosphere in their stadium.

This week SkySports had an interesting online vote, 'Who is the Greatest British Striker ever?' with great players like Dixie Dean and Gary Lineker alongside Rangers all-time record goal scorer (excluding war-time) Ally McCoist and ex-Celt Jimmy McGrory.

So another messageboard campaign began with Timmy and his friends voting multiple times for McGrory, a player that they never even voted into their greatest ever XI only a matter of weeks ago, and urging fellow posters to do the same. One poster even said,

"I've voted Jimmy McGrory but Dixie Dean of Everton was IMO the best forward
in UK Football History. McGrory a close second."

It also led to the Admin of a Celtic Website making an 'auto-vote' program to boost McGrory's percentage. The player started off the day with little votes but, just a few hours later, was in fourth place.

It only begs the question, why?! Why does Timmy need to feel comforted by cheating to win online polls?

Needless to say, SkySports removed the poll when they realised the cheating taking place.

I'll leave you with another classic from an online Timmy.

"don't expect anything from skysports. they need their British bread and butter for living. Celtic are there only when there is a story to attract viewers."

Paranoid? Never!