The Siege of 2010: Establishment vs Celtic.

Last updated : 22 November 2010 By Number Eight

As the refereeing fraternity threatens to strike, and as Celtic apologists come out, quite predictably, to speak of cultural and institutional bias against their beloved club, maybe we shouldn't be surprised at how events are unfolding.

According to a website report of a Celtic supporters' question and answer session in Dundee on July 25th this year, at which Peter Lawwell was supposedly present, the Celtic manager, Neil Lennon, in answer to a question, said this . . .

'Do you not remember me getting in Stewart Dougal's face? I want to create a siege mentality, us against them, we are anti-establishment'!

See screenshot at link.

If Neil Lennon said this, and if he said it in front of Celtic's CEO, what has come to pass this season isn't anything to do with a few incidents involving referees; instead it's a deliberate attempt to confront authority in the sport, and to undermine it.

Blowhards and sycophants will rant and rave hysterically this week, but if Neil Lennon really did say what someone on a Celtic website reported, this accident was waiting to happen - and maybe it isn't an accident at all.