The Road To The Isles - Stornoway RSC

Last updated : 07 August 2015 By Grandmaster Suck

Friday night saw the largest Rangers Supporters Club in the world host John Bomber Brown and our new Managing Director Stewart Robertson and we joined in the fun.

Scotty took the decision to drive up - it’s a bit of a hike from Glasgow but we just got to the Ullapool ferry in time - I booked the tickets at 2.18pm - Scott was looking for a parking space and then had to run to the terminal and we made it on board with 20 seconds to spare for the 2.30pm sailing!

On board we had our first taste of Hebridean hospitality when a lad gave us some of his carry out - whether we looked like jaikies in distress or this was a random act of kindness I do not know!

Arriving in Stornoway we got changed then headed to a hotel for dinner with the speakers and the committee.

At the social club the evening went well with a great Q&A session with Bomber and Stewart - very open but not boastful or filled with bravado.   It shows you what we have been through when a few questions covered stock exchange listings and the appointment of audits and corporate advisors!

The cultural atmosphere up there is different - the club rooms had club pennants from Hearts and Hibs up on the walls - presents from locals and visitors who support other teams.   Bomber had fun teasing a local Hibbee who is a regular at the RSC.

It seems even the Tims are a different breed - the sharing of transport when breakdowns occur not being uncommon.   Bitter Tims apparently don’t find fertile ground even amongst their own mob up there - anyone peddling a hate agenda is sidelined. 

After the social club we headed to downtown Stornoway - the Era nightclub to be exact.   A peculiar collection of dolled-up chicks, geezers wearing Rangers tops and the local lotharios out on the pull.  Suitably hammered we headed back to Kev’s hoose in the early hours armed with pizzas and chips - our bleary-eyed hosted crashed on his own sofa while his homestead was invaded.  What a view in the morning - inside and out!

In recovery mode we heading into town and loaded up with local delicacies - Stornoway black pudding, shortbread and oatcakes made with seaweed and proper butcher meat.

The trip home was glorious - we’ve very lucky to live in such a beautiful country - the road snaked through a marvellous glen from Ullapool to Inverness then down the side of Loch Ness in the Great Glen, then Glencoe, then Loch Lomondside - we had a free run at it - no hold-ups, no convoys.

We’ll be back!