The Rangers – What A Start to 2007

Last updated : 17 January 2007 By CrusadersBear
Paul Le Guen came to The Rangers with a terrific CV and although I admit that he has made mistakes in his tenure – I really do believe that given the necessary funds to build a proper side, he could have made The Rangers the dominant force in Scotland and a respected side in Europe. I for one was disgusted at his treatment, in what turned out to be his final game at Motherwell, by some so called fans. What our Club is about is honour and dignity. I firmly believe that PLG did the right thing when stripping the captaincy from Ferguson and I believe he handled it in the proper manner, with dignity. Some of our “fans” on the other hand need to take a look at themselves for the way they behaved at Fir Park on 2nd January.

Barry Ferguson should never wear the Royal Blue of The Rangers Football Club again. He should have left, not The Manager but as circumstances fell the way they did even with The Manager gone, Fergie still should have walked. I am sick and tired of him to be honest. When he first came on the scene he was a star in the making, a genuine class midfielder who had the potential to unlock defences with some of the best passes and the best runs you'll ever see. He starred for Rangers up until 2003, but just as The Rangers needed somebody to come to the fore and lead us through some dark days, what did he do? The Captain of The Rangers Football Club left to join Blackburn Rovers. He left an institution to join a team who are not even renowned in Lancashire, never mind the World. He found out the hard way that the grass isn't always greener on the other side and he was given a chance to come back to The Rangers which he took and eventually he regained the Captaincy (something I was always against). But as The Rangers went through the mire after winning the title in May 2005, Barry went AWOL and this season he has shown only in flashes what he is capable of.

I, along with others, have suspected that Fergie has powers within the corridors at Ibrox. The decision to remove the Manager in favour of Ferguson only reinforces my view that Fergie has a big say on what happens on the football side of things and in this bear's opinion it is just not on. He may be a Ranger, He may want to be cremated in his “captain's shirt”, but Barry – running your mouth off to the gutter press and bringing The Club down is nothing short of unforgivable. You've had 2 chances at the Captaincy and each time you have screwed it up. I would die to be The Rangers Captain and you've had it twice – what more do you want???? Do you really want the Managers' job that badly????

I think it's time that Ferguson moved on for good. There is no doubting that we have had some good memories of what Ferguson has done as a player for The Rangers but in my opinion what has happened off the pitch has left too much of a bad taste in my mouth to ever fully accept Ferguson in a Rangers shirt again.

Walter Smith & Ally McCoist

Well, Walter Smith has returned to the hot seat and Super Ally is the sidekick. “The Dream Team” to return the days of glory back to The Rangers. Will this work though? Only time will tell.

Some people say that you should never go back, but Walter has returned and I think it could be a decent bit of news for us. BUT (and I must stress the BUT), I don't want Smith to hang around for too long as the main man. I hope that by having Coisty at his side that he'll be grooming him as our new Manager. Walter can't go on forever and if Coisty is given the right guidance I cannot see any reason why he won't make a fine Manager of the Club in the future, despite the recent discrepancies that have seen some of The Rangers support question just what Ally was thinking when he said certain things to the press that we are all well aware of.

The next chapter in the History of The Rangers is about to begin. Let's hope it's the start of the road back to where The Rangers belong – as The Dominant Force.