The Promised Land Awaits.

Last updated : 20 May 2009 By Number Eight
Tannadice Park in Dundee will be the venue for a football match which could signal the re-birth of a club which has lost its way in recent times, or be a graveyard for the hopes and dreams of Rangers supporters, young and old.

Anticipation of the day lies heavy in the Glasgow air, and the blue and green sections of the city know that joy or despair is inexorably waiting for them. As the countdown slowly reduces, committed supporters envisage both glorious and nightmare scenarios, exhilarated at the possibility of the former, but dreading the latter.

Ultimately, this is sport at its best, where the climax of the season will determine who will be champions, and who will be left to pick up the pieces after a campaign in vain.

For the Rangers manager, Walter Smith, history is about to judge him, and if he can lead Rangers to a title victory, his second coming will be portrayed as a master-stroke, but if he fails, his memory will be tarnished, perhaps irreparably.

This is the time for Rangers to deliver the promised land. A UEFA Cup Final was lost due to boldness and adventure being left in the dressing room, but against Dundee United, Rangers must win in ninety minutes - no excuses, no shortcomings, no half-measures, no nonsense and no messing - this is a game where victory is everything, and nothing less will be tolerated.

This is a game to be grasped by the horns from the first whistle; to face up to, match, and crush worthy opponents. This is a match where the brave will stand up and be counted, or stood down forever.

This is a match in which the Rangers team must play as though their lives depend on it, giving everything, and then some more. Losing is beyond contemplation, but winning will reap a historic reward.

Our destiny belongs in our own hands, and the last lap is imminent. When the final bell rings, it must be an Olympian sprint to the finish, driving harder every step of the way until the final tape is torn from the winning post.

The glorious winning tradition of Rangers demands further endorsement.

Make it happen, Rangers.

Make it happen.