The morning after the League Cup Semi-Final

Last updated : 02 February 2015 By Little Boy Blue

Well, it wasn't the embarrassment so many of us had dreaded but it was still painful to watch.  It only highlighted how far our great club has fallen and how much damage has been done by the corporate vandalism within our boardroom that a semi-final defeat from Celtic has not prompted much anguish among Bears.  Indeed, I think it is fair to say the underlying feeling amongst us is one of relief.

Throughout the past week we'd been told to expect a four, five or six goal drubbing.  There was the predictable talk of another 7-1, with one bookie even offering a tempting bet that they might beat our 8-1 record.  And the so-called experts told us the loss of an early goal would lead to FC Semtex rattling in a barrowload.

Having gifted them that early goal by switching off at a throw-in, by McGregor jumping too early, by Foster not challenging at all and by Simonsen staying rooted to his line, it all looked bleak.  We didn't lay a glove on them in the first half, they got the second goal far too easily - what were Law and Black doing? - and again all the talk was of a horrific humiliation. 

But it didn't happen and, make no mistake about it, this will be a source of much regret amongst the unwashed hordes for some time to come.  The second half was a wee bit better, Daly's introduction gave us an outlet but Septic still bossed the game and the outcome was never seriously in doubt.  But they will be arguing amongst themselves in their various slop-houses about how they failed to inflict great embarrassment on a Rangers team which has, for quite some time, been unfit to wear the jersey.

And the sound of our songs booming out from the Rangers End will have got right up their noses.  Expect the usual OTT reaction to the singing of the Billy Boys, all the usual suspects will be queuing up to put the boot in but the big message to some out of Hampden this weekend is that, despite all the problems within our club, the Rangers are still alive and kicking.

Be in no doubt, the entire purpose of the anti-Rangers feeding frenzy of 2012 was to see our club dead and buried but every time the decibel level rose from within our ranks it was a painful reminder that they failed miserably.  Plan B was to render our club impotent, incapable of mounting a serious challenge for the major honours and, while we did ourselves no favours with our non-existent rebuilding from the bottom up and have been damaged further by the looting of our resources from within the boardroom, our enemies have had more success in this area.

However, I detect a hardening of resolve within the support that the days of Rangers being soft-touches for the likes of Hearts, Hibs, QOS and Alloafeckinathletic are drawing to a close.  Change is coming, both in the boardroom and in the dressing room.  That can only be good for the Rangers and bad for our enemies.

The forthcoming EGM will give the Rangers support a great opportunity to drive the self-serving scumbags out of our club and to get things back on track.  With the support still undecided about Dave King, or the Three Bears, a combination of both or perhaps even a return to the scene by Robert Sarver, we have to unite to rid ourselves of those who are bleeding us dry, bring stability back to the club and begin to plot a realistic route back to the top.

We must rise to this challenge, we must not fail for the long-term future of our club...and to ensure we never again accept a 2-0 defeat from Septic with anything resembling a sense of relief.