The Mint And His Customers

Last updated : 03 January 2007 By Hagi9uk
On my visit to Fir Park I met and spoke to a number of fans of whom I respect immensely.

At times in life I find that listening and observing other people's thoughts and words can educate you better than any book, story or picture.

Today a number of things took place, some of which I am not proud to have heard, chanted or been in the same surroundings of. But with these thoughts in mind I sat in the stadium and realised this is not the Rangers I once loved.

The Rangers supporters are massively divided on a number of issues and the recent events involving Barry Ferguson and Paul le Guen has just tipped things over the edge.

Being a fan of The Rangers at times can be very hard. You may be old enough to remember the trip to the Camp Nou where we won our only European trophy to date, the tough times through the John Greig era or you may well be of the younger breed of fans of whom were brought up with the trophies pouring in every season on route to 9-in-a-row. Either way the situation we find ourselves in today seems to be getting worse by the day.

But tearing myself away from the club, allow me to state my thoughts on the customers erm, apologies I do mean the fans, US.

Has the club in any way shape or form looked after us throughout the whole Pro/Anti Murray scenario?

Has the club in any way shape or form looked after us throughout the whole PLG/BF scenario?

My answer to both questions asked above is no.

Both issues in my opinion have been dealt with in a disgraceful manner. Here are my reasons.

In this country we have the benefit of the law being on our side when it comes to the freedom of speech. This comes in anyway shape or form in context of our being Pro or Anti David Murray's way of running our club. If I feel it necessary to stand to protest on something I feel I have the god given right to do then I shall do so. This is not applicable when it comes to our chairman or football club for that matter. Within hours of the protest taking place outside the main doors and me travelling home the Rangers Official Website had publicly backed a violent disruption of the aforementioned protest.

Is this the Rangers way?

On the first day of the new year at 15:59 in the afternoon, while all fans are getting over another disappointing performance and more importantly more points being dropped by the team, we are hit with the bombshell that our club captain has been axed from the team, stripped of his captaincy and under the managerial reign of Paul Le Gaffer Le Guen shall not dawn the blue of Rangers again. How do we know this I hear you ask, the good old BBC Sport website broke the news which was to leave Rangers Forums in meltdown at a time where we should have been spending the day with our loved ones and remembering our absent friends so close to the Ibrox Disaster. No mention from the Official Website for hours, no official comment for hours leaving us all in the dark as to what exactly has happened in this new turn of events.

Is This the Rangers way?

Rangers fans must Unite and stand as one again. This shambles on and off the park must be resolved as soon as possible and it is time for our Chairman, Sir David Murray to step forward and sort our club out once and for all.

Hagi9uk, still learning the Rangers Way