The Blue Knights - why they should get preferred bidder status

Last updated : 02 May 2012 By Mark Dingwall

There are some of those in or around or supportive of the Blue Knights I didn’t have much time for.  But in the club’s hour of need they did the right thing.


People who had once appeared to be, might in fact have been, David Murray’s lapdogs turned out to love the club far, far more than they loved David Murray.


When real Rangers men at the club started to realise what David Murray was up to in terms of jettisoning the club and the tax case liabilities he was the prime mover in creating they opposed him, went public when it was not popular, took the abuse, and kept fighting for that they thought was right.


During my involvement with Follow Follow fanzine, this website and the supporters trust I’ve often championed causes which were unpopular at the time - but we were right about David Murray all those years ago - the figures told you he was leading the club into the wilderness.  Little did we dream it might also be oblivion.


Over the last couple of years I’ve never found out that the Blue Knights or others have lied to us.  They have got the big issues correct.  They have gone out on a limb for Rangers in the media.  They are men of means, they simply would not try to do a deal they couldn’t fund or which would put the club in danger.


There are various whys and wherefores with regard to the Blue Knights bid - if it didn’t stack up the various fans organisations wouldn’t have backed them.  They haven’t promised anything other than a chance to save the club through hard work.  No tenner for a fiver sound-bites.


Even at this late hour I believe their analysis of the club is sound and that their plan is workable.   If I didn’t I wouldn’t back them.


We have a chance to ensure that we keep Rangers safe and ultimately prosperous.   After all that is happened I remain convinced that the only long-term solution for the club is that the it should be in the control of Rangers fans and that value should always be retained within the club and not redistributed via dividends.