Statement from Rangers Fans Unite!

Last updated : 29 April 2012 By Rangers Fans Unite!
To all of the Rangers Family,
Rangers Fans Unite would like to thank everyone who took part in last Saturday's march from Queen's Park to Hampden Stadium, a march in protest of the Scottish Football Association's recent sanctions imposed on Rangers Football Club.
As anticipated, the demonstration passed peacefully with Strathclyde Police Chief Superintendent Andy Bates remarking: "There were no arrests at today's protest and I'm delighted at the way that the supporters conducted themselves."
Spanning all age groups, the Rangers support assembled on the day to show that if they feel the need to make a statement, they will be heard.
During the demonstration, fellow fans of all generations marched shoulder to shoulder. This was precisely what Rangers Fans Unite had planned and hoped for, a day where the entire Rangers family came together to voice their opposition to what they feel is such a severe and unjust punishment.
This is just the beginning of our united front. With the size of support we know we have, we can build on the success of Saturday's march.
We must continue to defend our beloved club where we feel injustice has occurred. There is a real possibility that our club could be placed into liquidation and we must aim to prevent this at all costs. Now that all the Rangers groups are working together, action will be taken to face the challenges ahead.
Tomorrow morning, Monday 30th April at 9:00am, the delegates of the member clubs of the Scottish Premier League meet at Hampden Stadium in Glasgow. The twelve clubs will consider a number of rule changes on "Financial Fair Play" which could have a massive effect on Rangers Football Club. The great response to Saturday's 'call to arms' has sent out a clear message across Scottish Football that simply cannot be ignored. And while we understand the urge to protest against yet another governing body, after constructive discussions among our united support, we propose that further demonstrations should not take place until we are fully aware of any actions the SPL may take.
Unity is strength and unity shall be maintained!
All Together Now,
Rangers Fans Unite