SPL madmen heading for million pound bill

Last updated : 04 March 2013 By Mark Dingwall


Scandalously, SPL club chairmen who have asked for projected costs in various scenarios have been told to mind their own business and that ‘you’ll see what it cost when the next accounts are out.’


The £250,000 fine imposed by Lord Nimmo Smith for admin errors represents 0.09% of the Rangers wage bills in the 11 years and £262,237,000 examined.


Word reaches me that the usual suspects are lobbying for an appeal.  The SPL has five working days in which to do so.


So far the costs of the SPL Commission - Celtic’s lawyers Harper McLeod hitting £250,00 plus Lord Nimmo Smith and his colleagues charging rather more than a golden guinea - sit at around £400,000.


However, the costs for the team of researchers needed to support Lord Nimmo Smith are not in yet and they aren’t cheap.


Throw in the costs of any appeal by the SPL - and then further court actions that could be funded from the Rangers side - and the risk manager at the SPL (if indeed he exists) is looking at a hole of a million pounds.


The beauty of this from the Rangers perspective is that many of the costs are chargeable - even in the event of a loss - only to the SPL.   


The Rangers Fans Fighting Fund is sitting on a cash mountain of £530,000 and where the titles are involved millions more could be raised in the blink of an eye.  


Any SPL legal manoeuvres can be appealed and argued for years if needs be and the the vast majority of the cost will have to be picked up by the SPL - if you had a look at their recently published accounts they are already technically insolvent.