So: what now?

Last updated : 30 March 2013 By

The season on the pitch has lost all focus and commitment and performance levels of late have been somewhere between unprofessional and utterly appalling but it would be churlish to deny those responsible for this latest addition to the honours list the warm glow of a job done. In some cases, for example those who have carried the greatest burden, whether in public or behind closed doors, special thanks are in order.

Less than a year ago it looked grim and although we’re hardly basking in the sunshine we’ve passed one signpost on the road back.

To the fifty-four senior league titles we now add a 3rd division crown and next season will bring with it new challenges. But while considering that a question does arise: in which division will we be playing?

Further, there are a number of other questions worth contemplating this holiday weekend and just as a selection of obvious thoughts they run as follows –


Has the manager shown that he is worth retaining as we climb up the leagues?


How many of the players on display this season have enhanced their reputation and how many are really necessary for division two?


Do we have a footballing plan A or indeed B for the next couple of seasons, whether those are spent attempting to advance through sporting integrity or playing in some fudged, flawed product of blackmail and coercion?


Is Daly from Dundee United the exception or the rule in this transfer policy? If the latter what does this say about our plan?


When does our Director of Communications start work?


Who at the Club, other than let’s say the DoC, should be responsible for agreeing permission for interviews with RFC staff and allowing certain people free access to work at RFC functions?


The increasingly patronising remarks delivered post-match and at press conferences in recent times give the impression that the footballing side of the Club labours under the old-fashioned misapprehension that the fans are great but only when they turn up, shut up and don't get silly ideas about the serious work that only those who have played and are still employed in the game can understand. It's natural for people to be annoyed when criticised but it beggars belief that anyone at the Club can expect fans to swallow the garbage spouted and excuses offered about professional players struggling consistently in recent months against part-timers. It won't do and it insults the intelligence. So, please, enough.

Off the field, if the recent pollution of Young and then the insult of Spiers is to be the norm then the Club has learned nothing about which people in the media to trust or even to tolerate and perhaps Jim Traynor should spend more time with the family.

If a real commitment to improvement and sensible use of resources is not transparent then even the most stunning display, drawing upon all of Green's assortment of tricks and bravado, won’t be enough to put the punters back in their box.

Let's celebrate today as the first small step in a long walk but let's not lose sight of the problems we face within and without.