Sir David Murray - It's Time to Give Us Back Our Club.

Last updated : 07 January 2011 By BDTS

Actually, for the Rangers support, who are set to go through yet another endurance test cunningly disguised as a transfer window (with the added caveat of another takeover attempt) it is actually downright infuriating.

Despite the club’s statement about ‘no longer actively seeking a new owner’ after the original Andrew Ellis furore, let’s face facts: We’ve been on the market for a number of years and interest in purchasing us has been scant – and for good reason too, it has to be said.

Even though a Why...sorry, ‘White Knight’ doesn’t seem to be coming any nearer to rescuing us from the slow-decay our club as a whole is currently going through, the reality is we still need one.

However, as fans, we also need to ensure that we don’t find the club in its current situation ever again. Which, as many of us agree, would involve us having a greater say in how the club is run.

Solving both of these problems will prove difficult, and the ideal solution will inevitably be a complicated one.

The kind of complicated solution that, say...I don’t know? A 'Captain of Industry' could come up with?

Step forward, Sir David.

Leaving criticism of his era of ownership to one side and looking to the future, all roads, all paths and all solution lead back to our current absentee landlord.

The Ayrshire-born businessman is bored with us: We’re like an out of date toy he’s been trying to flog unsuccessfully on E-Bay for years. But as our owner, as the man who probably still has ultimate power at the top level of Rangers Football Club, Sir David Murray has an obligation to ensure the club is fit for purpose and capable of competing.

Now, with all due respect, Sir David Murray is not the man to lead Rangers going forward. We need a fresh thinker  and someone who can reshape the club and rejuvenate us from top to bottom.

However, the potential heirs to Minty’s throne don’t appear fit for purpose either – Dave King has huge troubles of his own in South Africa, Andrew Ellis lacks the capital and Craig Whyte’s past, freely available for you to research online in your own time, raises an alarm bell or two from the impartial onlookers perspective.

So using simple maths that even I’m capable of doing, that means that we need a leader/ it what you will....who has the skills and know-how...but perhaps not the capital to own the club or buy it outright.

That’s where Murray comes in.

As whispers of a potential share-issue reared their ugly and unwelcome head on the message board yesterday, it brought up again the question of fan ownership.

If Sir David Murray can't find a buyer, doesn’t want the club anymore and if he doesn’t want to invest in us to stop the on and off-field decay – then he has no other better option than to give the club back to us.

He is the man holding all the cards and, let’s face it, we are not going to buy shares that are as good as worthless when the club is still owned and controlled by Sir David.

Instead of sneering at and ignoring amateur enthusiasts, why doesn’t HE come up with a scheme to gradually relinquish control of Rangers Football Club, get his money and give us our club back?

In theory it sounds simple: in practice it probably isn’t.

That’s why, not for the first time, it’s over to you, 'Captain of Industry'.