Sine Die Lunatics Take Over The Asylum

Last updated : 06 April 2009 By Number Eight
I didn`t watch the Scotland v Iceland game and I only recently saw the so-called gestures by Barry Ferguson and Alan McGregor.

My over-riding observation on the events of the week though is that the judgement on them by parties who should know better is flawed and too often fueled by motivations other than the pursuit of natural justice.

I listened to Stuart Cosgrove on the BBC, and he seemed bogged down in provincial club anti-Rangers animosity. I read judgements from deeply-committed Rangers fans, and they were coloured by a personal dislike of a player they went off some time ago, sometimes with good reason.

I watched as an element in the Rangers support unthinkingly forgave Barry Ferguson, driven by a misguided loyalty to a player who simply does not deserve such undying devotion.

Everyone, it seems, has an agenda, an axe to grind, a reason to tip the scales of justice their way. Where is the reasoned assessment, the cool and detached judgement of a worthy pontificator, the voice that calls it as it is; not as it wants it to be?

Barry Ferguson should have departed from Rangers around the same time PLG headed back to France, but fate decreed that a Ranger he would remain.

Foolishly, he has courted controversy once again, but this time the well of sympathy from media chums is almost dry, and now, along with Rangers team-mate, Alan McGregor, Ferguson has effectively been handed a sine die international ban.

Cast off the shackles of pre-conceived opinions, bury those agendas, burn the scripts and let integrity break water.

Did you hear me - sine die?

The lunatics haven`t taken over the asylum - they are embedded there, ensconced in it, polluted by it and at ease with it.

Thank Christ we did away with capital punishment.