SFA face serious problems if offenders escape punishment.

Last updated : 20 March 2012 By GerBear


The manager claimed (the referee) had “a nightmare” and branded the penalty award “a really, really poor decision”.For the second goal, the ref has had a nightmare. I’ve just watched it on video and it was never a penalty. It was a really, really poor decision.”


When you see it on TV, you will be embarrassed.”


"It's a stonewall penalty. It's a shocking decision, absolutely shocking. He is clean through, holding the boy off, the guy lunges at him and he takes his legs away. The defender doesn't get anywhere near the ball so it's a penalty and a red card in the final minute of the game where we have banged away at the door. For me it's a criminal decision and it has cost us the Treble. I have only just seen the incident again there on the TV five or ten minutes ago from every angle. So how he can make that decision from where he was I don't know. To rub salt in the wounds he books Anthony for diving, which is awful. Awful refereeing."

One is Jim McIntyre, charged after a game at Ibrox where Sone Aluko was awarded a penalty. Aluko was later found guilty of simulation and McIntyre won his appeal against a two-match ban.

Two is Stuart McCall, who has been offered a one-match ban for comments this past weekend.

The third is the latest in a long line of comments from the manager of Celtic, a man who has twice already been charged and faced sanction from the governing body. A third charge could lead to a six-match ban if the manager was found guilty.

Should Vincent Lunny not act on this – and indeed the blatant dive by Dundee United’s Willo Flood should see Vincent also making an offer to the Irishman – then we have to once again ask if the governing body is fit for purpose and perhaps seek clarification, etc, etc, blah blah.

On  a serious note, this past week has seen one referee (Steve Conroy) chuck it after being effectively demoted by the SFA following refusal to bend to the will of Lunny. Further grumblings are being heard. Our last refereeing strike was only last season. Those at the top of the game don’t appear to have really learned from those mistakes and if managers aren’t held to account for their comments – especially when those involved are serial offenders and one of the very best whistlers the SFA has to offer – then Scottish football is in for more serious problems.

Over to you Vincent, William and Stewart.