Season ticket-holders poll result - 75% prefer Division 3 option

Last updated : 03 July 2012 By Grandmaster Suck



Statement issued 03/07/2012


OVER 75 per cent of Rangers fans polled on the club's future would rather they played in SFL Division Three next season than accept a compromise deal for a place in the SPL. 


In a survey conducted by the Rangers Fans' Fighting Fund from the email database of the club's season ticket holders, the Rangers fans were asked three questions:


(1) Do you want Rangers to play in SFL Division One next season - with sanctions? 3%

(2) Do you want Rangers to play in SFL Division One next season if there are no sanctions? Just over 20%

or (3) Should Rangers drop into and play from SFL Division Three next season? Just Under 76%


"Every other club and their fan base seems to have had an opinion of what should happen to Rangers," said a spokesperson for the RFFF. 


"That's why we wanted Rangers fans to voice their opinion - and they have done so. We said we would publish the findings - and that's what we are doing. It shows the depth of feeling among our fans who have shown that they don't want any favours from the rest of the clubs - or any preferential treatment. What these Rangers fans are saying is:- If that is what is to happen to us, then let it happen and let us move on. We will support Rangers - no matter where they are playing."