Robert Grieve of the Scottish Sun is a disgrace.

Last updated : 30 September 2010 By

Edit: Finally, by 4.30 this afternoon, the offending paragraph was removed.

We shall see if an apology will be made in the newspaper.

In the middle of an otherwise complimentary piece about Kirk Broadfoot we find the following disgusting statement:

"But after snapping Antonio Valencia's leg in Manchester former St Mirren star Broadfoot broke Sen's heart in Glasgow."

Everyone who witnessed the freak injury to the Manchester United star will recall that Broadfoot made no contact with Valencia and he was the first player to indicate to officials and medical staff the urgency and severity of the accident suffered by the player.
For a journalist to distort matters in such a way - and to apportion blame to the full-back - is mind-boggling, cruel and downright vicious.
An apology to the player must be forthcoming. RFC should already have made this clear to the editor and journalist.

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