Referees strike - whistlers goaded into inaction

Last updated : 21 November 2010 By Northampton Loyalist

Nobody in Scotland; the beaks at the top of the tree, the punters in the stands and even people with little interest in our top flight can blame the officials for taking a stand against a constant and sinister campaign designed to do nothing other than heap pressure on the already difficult job of officiating football matches. Well, some football matches.


I don't expect the BBC to name exactly who has been behind this campaign but for once it does not really matter. It is clear why the officials are taking this action of last resort and it is to the shame of the cowards in-charge of the SPL and SFA that they have allowed a situation to fester for weeks that could and should have been put to bed the first instant a barely legible scrap of paper arrived on the doormat with the senders address 'Celtc park' at the head.


This club has reduced further an already diminished standing of our game. They have not done it because of paranoia, nor through any form of legitimacy. They have done it to try and leverage an advantage on the park. Cheats in any sport are harshly dealt with across the board and this simply must be the case here if our game is to remove the 'laughing stock' tag. 


I would suggest that the cynical manner of the actions taken by Celtic football club should be met with, as an absolute minimum, a points deduction. Anything less for this Bear would be seen as a quiet vindication of their actions, a tacit admittance that the SFA are powerless to control a member club and an invitation to carry on with the same shameful behavior that has caused an entire profession to walk out in protest. 

We will not see it unless a spine appears somewhere at Hampden.