Rangers Founders Committee

Last updated : 28 April 2009 By Ayrshire Billy Boy

"The greatest rags to riches story in the history of sport."

That is a quote which has been applied to Rangers by a number of different writers and Rangers fans and there is little in there that can be argued with. When the four young men who founded Rangers did so in 1872, it is impossible not to ponder on where they saw their vision going.

Would they have dreamed that they were the founding force behind a football team that would grow into not just a football team but an institution that took a special place at the heart of Scottish society and which became a focal point for Scots and Ulster-Scots even after they had emigrated? Would they dream that their creation would reach out and establish roots in all four corners of the world? Would they dream that their creation would become the most successful football Club in the world? We can only speculate as to what the Gallant Pioneers were thinking when they first kicked a ball all those years ago; but we can and will promote their dream, their ethics, their drive and determination to succeed, their character, a word synonymous with all true Rangers.

The reasons behind the project to commemorate the Founders are many, but essentially, it has been felt among a circle of Rangers supporters that not enough is known about them, nor is enough done to promote them. This, we hope to rectify through a series of events and promotions which, it is hoped, will spread the word about the origins of our great and proud institution and also to introduce the names of the young boys who founded Rangers to younger Rangers fans worldwide, in the hope that the reputation of the pioneers is given the audience it deserves.

There might not seem an obvious date to launch this campaign as it does not correspond with an anniversary that is immediately familiar; however, the campaign is the culmination of a lot of behind the scenes work that has been going on over the past few years and is now on the verge of coming to fruition.

As will become evident in the coming weeks and months, there are a number of exciting projects planned, participation in which will be open to all Rangers supporters in the interests of fundraising. Possibly, the most prominent ones will be a plaque that will be put on permanent display at Glasgow Green (which is what the fundraising will be directed towards), a banner and a book which will be released later on in the year. It is also hoped that the Club's participation will involve having a Founders' Day at Ibrox, coinciding with a home fixture next season. There will also be a dinner, a sponsored walk and a football tournament which will undoubtedly be popular. People can make contact with the committee either on here or by e-mailing gallantpioneers@hotmail.co.uk

Further details and prices will be released in due course and fans can also make donations via the following link https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=5012396 in order to help see everything come to fruition. The story of Rangers is a long and wonderful one - you can play your part in getting it told.