Rangers and The Dirty Double

Last updated : 12 February 2015 By Grandmaster Suck


Shameful is most often associated with the activities of another club in the Second City Of The Empire.  Regretfully last week we had Rangers doing a Dirty Double twice.

 Firstly, we went out of two cups in seven days.  Yet, results are part of the normal way of things following a football team.

 Secondly, and far more importantly, we have seen Rangers reduced to ridicule and shame by the actions of it’s own directors putting them on a par with the vileness of Craig Whyte.

 This dirty double consists of seeing the club announce, for the first time in it’s history, that a General Meeting will be held outside of Glasgow and, also for the first time in history, a match played with no directors present at Ibrox.

 The off-field behaviour is more shameful than a bad result will ever be because it shows the sickness that has infected our club.  We have a Board which claims to be in fear of it’s own fans and shareholders to such an extent they won’t face them.  Personally I think that if they can openly go for lunch 500 yards from Ibrox then the London EGM and no-show at games is an act.

 In fact, I think some of them - or at least their masters in the shadows - are going for a Dirty Treble and trying to engineer a situation where they will bait fans and shareholders into creating such turmoil at the General Meeting that it can be postponed and they remain clinging to power for a few more months.

So, rather than the sound of righteous fury at the EGM the sound of silence might be more appropriate.   There would be something symbolic in listening to the sounds of their footsteps receding into history as they trudged off the stage having been voted off the Board.   

We might even get a head to two held low in shame, but I wouldn’t bet on it.