Pot boiling inside the Ibrox boardroom?

Last updated : 21 February 2011 By Grandmaster Suck

When Rangers men were preparing for the Old Firm game a few individuals took time out to court anti-Rangers elements in the media, dripping poison about those on the Ibrox board who are opposed to the way the bank is running the club.


Lawyers appear to have been busy too - writing letters to websites and newspapers whose users and writers have been asking awkward questions about the bank and the intentions of new owners.  Or indeed, those who may have been thinking about asking awkward questions.


A particular cracker was Robert Grieve’s piece in The Sun on Saturday morning  declaring “Whyte on the brink of takeover.”   In it he claims that Murray Group-appointed directors McGill and Muir stopped the other directors voting to take the debt up to £50m.  As if.


The article then breathlessly claimed that Lloyds were then “persuaded to keep the club’s annual player wage bill at the £16m level and not engage in a policy of slashing it to the £10m-a-year that would have in effect have handed domestic domination to Celtic.”


So, let’s get this right.  The majority of the Board were going to put up the debt by £25m by  cutting the wage bill by £6m??!!  What were they going to spend the £31m on?  A new bottle of moonbeams?


The half-yearly figures of the club are due out tomorrow.  I suspect that last week’s media maneuvering are the bank and it’s teaboys getting their excuses in first.