Please go Mr Custodian

Last updated : 16 January 2009 By Govanhill Gub
I just shook my head and laughed (and marveled again) at the sheer audacity of the man.
    I mean, where do you go with the following; "When I sit down and review the economic situation of my business, the football side of it cannot be treated in isolation."
    But here's the rub Mr Murray. You should be able to treat Rangers FC in splendid isolation to the rest of your business empire. But you cannot because you have used your twenty years in charge to meddle with the club's finances and tie them into the rest of your businesses concerns until it has become what it is in the present day. A ball of knitting wool that has been left in the presence of an especially bored wee kitten. Not even you can unravel it now without the truth being revealed to an outside world. That IS the reality of the situation of financial life at Ibrox under YOU Mr Murray.
    He then goes onto say; "but the fact is, most clubs would accept a reasonable offer for their players at the moment." 'At the moment'? Seems to be Rangers FC has been having this moment since 2003. Tell you what, this credit crunch hasn't half been a Godsend for Mr Murray to use an excuse for his utterly shambolic use of our finances.
    Then he mentions that "there is a hysteria out there, driven by people who spend most of their time on websites or trying to get on Radio programmes. They go on about mistakes which have been made, but I'm tired of admitting mistakes."
    Well that's funny because the only mistake I've ever heard the 'custodian' admit to was the signing of Daniel Prodan. Still there's no smoke without mirrors.
    We were then treated to the following wee nugget; "I would be delighted to go tomorrow as long as I could genuinely believe there would be a suitable alternative for Rangers."
    That's your story Mr Chairman and I suppose you have to stick to it. Others, of a more cynical disposition, are of the opinion that there's not much left, for any would be buyers out there to make Rangers a financially viable package, especially at the top dollar you want for the club.
    The fact is when you took over, Rangers owned The Albion training ground. They don't now.  (And I am not trying to compare this with Auchenhowie)
    The fact is, when you took over, Rangers owned their own catering. They don't now.

    The fact is, when you took over, Rangers owned their own Social Club and the surrounding land. They don't now.
    The fact is when you took over; Rangers owned their own unique, club brand name. They don't now.
    You have to wonder what actually is left other than the name, a crap squad and a stadium. And the Chairman hopes to ride off into the sunset hoping to make a fast buck.
    This one slays me; "Rangers are strong, even in the current position, and people are mischief making about the extent of our financial problem," And I bet he said it with a straight face, too.
    So if we are in a financially strong position why the need to sell Hutton last January when we were going for the title, why the need to hive off Cuellar after our biggest ever European humiliation, why the need to tell the first team squad this month that 'one of you has to go? And yet there are still thousands upon thousands of Rangers fans will happily swallow Murray's guff.
    The following however, is especially nauseating; "My own message to the supporters is that we all have to pull together instead of undermining this great club we have."
    The simple fact of the matter is that since early 2006 the political landscape for the club and support has changed beyond all recognition and believe me Mr Murray, no one has done more to undermine our great club more than you and the dross you employ to run the club from day to day.
    This was amply summed up in another of his wee quotes about how he feels there are hacks out there that are not happy to print any Rangers stories with a positive spin. Stone me! After 20 years he's finally cottoned on to what large swathes of the Scottish Press are all about.
    Anyway these hacks you speak of Mr Murray; would they be journalists like James Traynor who said Rangers fans deserved a beating from thugs in Spanish Police uniform in Pamplona three years ago? What did you do to him Mr Murray? That's correct, the square root of hee-haw.
    In fact what action have you ever taken against serial Rangers haters like Archer, Spiers, McNee, Leckie, Cosgrove or a whole host of any others I could name who have gleefully buried a hatchet into the Rangers support. You have done sod all.
    Here's one for y'all to consider; before the last few days when was the last time you heard or read David Murray coming out in attack mode in the press. I'll tell you when it was back in April 2006 when the mullet had an article in The Sun where he had a pop at the Chairman.
    What the last few days has highlighted once again and once and for all. Murray couldn't give a toss about Rangers or the Rangers support; but have a go at him and he'll come out all guns blazing. And he has the cheek to talk of others undermining our great club?
    One last point. Mr Edgar and the rest of the RST might be bound by the conventions of diplomacy, but they don't apply to me so I'll keep it short and sweet. Another five years of this regime in charge and it is endgame.
    The Govanhill Gub.
    PS, you will all see the difference between the management at Ibrox under Murray and the filth when we visit the cesspit shortly. The yahoos will fly any banners that they want and I do expect a few 'Murray must Stay' banners to be in amongst them. However unlike at Murray's Ibrox, the yahoos will be able to fly what they want and when they want. Says it all really.