Our future starts now - maybe!

Last updated : 03 January 2007 By Banjobear
Traditionally, January is the quieter of the two windows. Last season, for example, Rangers made just one acquisition. As disappointing as that was, we'd reached the last sixteen of the CL and hoped to progress, it was tolerable since we were anticipating the big changes that were to happen in the summer.

Rangers were very active in the January leading up to Helicopter Sunday. I'm not for a moment suggesting that scenario can be repeated. We could buy the top eleven footballers on the planet, but would still require capitulation from our green and grey rivals of mammoth proportions. On the face of it though, we need similar squad strengthening to offer supporters some hope.

This particular window is intriguing as it may just give Bears an insight as to where the club is going. Who remains at Ibrox, not necessarily players, at midnight on January 31st, will tell us much, as will any new signings, in regard to Rangers future plans.

I'd be astounded if Sir David was not aware of the PLG versus Barry Ferguson situation, whether he was aware of PLG's intentions is another matter. Now Sir David has a decision to make. Will he follow the, alluded, wishes of the majority of fans and back Ferguson? Does he have enough faith in PLG to stand by his decision? Will he successfully negotiate a compromise?

There has been suggestion that Ferguson could leave on loan. This would allow him, Sir David and PLG time to evaluate at the end of the season. Of course there are other permutations, especially amongst the more cynical - PLG and Sir David in cahoots to cash in on Ferguson to finance other deals.- Sir David and Ferguson in cahoots to force PLG to resign – The whole fiasco has been fabricated to divert attention away from little or no transfer activity. - Even one suggestion that the protagonist was Ferguson and he was trying to work a move to the East End of Glasgow!

Today's victory, although welcome, was overshadowed by controversy. I don't recall as much hysteria, even with the Butcher and Roberts issues. Something has to give, or does it? Surely, Sir David will use January to turn things around, or will he?

I have absolutely no idea what will unfold, but one thing is for sure, this Bear doesn't want to be sitting here, at midnight on January 31st with, Bob Malcolm as our returning midfield maestro or Andy Goram as our new manager.

This January could be our catalyst onto good things or it could just bury us.

Fingers crossed, we get it right Bears.