Old Firm United?

Last updated : 23 November 2010 By The Gub

Recently Walter first and then Martin Bain at the AGM tried to link us to the yahoos as if we were somehow 'brothers in arms' in the aftermath of 'McGregorgate' and made out that both clubs some way, somehow were subject to a perverted sort of TV scrutiny that was unfair on both clubs. Tell you what it was nauseating to read.


I have a conversation about Rangers with my old man just about everyday in life and we talk of what this journalist has said or what that journalist has said. In the end up we always but always come back to the same answer as to why they are allowed to get away with this constant vilification of our club.


We all know the answer. I.E Rangers haters driven by a specific agenda are allowed to write what they want about Rangers FC and its support because the club's hierarchy allow it to happen.


Getting back to the McGregor Kangaroo court; whilst we do not for sure who 'cliped' him because Rangers still haven't pushed Regan for the answer we can say without fear of contradiction that it was someone involved at the cesspit in some capacity.


Yet still we want to remain pals with them. Here's a few events even just in the last decade or so when our management should have came out fighting but have kept to our 'dignified silence.'


1999 - A section of the Celtic support in the main stand stays behind to spit on our players after a match at the cesspit. That's after their players were allowed to assault our players on the park, that is. Rangers say nothing.  Mind you a Rangers employee singing an Orange song, now that was worth pursuing, eh, Mr Chairman?


2003 - The Celtic CEO hinting at public disorder if they didn't get their way over the timing of the last OF game of the season. Once again, we kept our counsel even though we could have pointed out that it was the antics of their club and fans four years previously that had effectively tied the SPL's hands regarding the timing of that post split OF encounter and subsequent ones. Messrs McCoist, Hateley, Johnstone and Gough take note.


A month later in that same year of 2003 we then had to put up with another putrid excuse for 'sporting integrity' telling the nation that Dunfermline had 'lay down' to Rangers thus handing us the league title.


The facts are we won by a five goal margin at home. Thanks in part to a wonder save by Stephan Klos after a shot from the nephew of a Rangers legend.


They won by a four-goal margin away from home (their best result at Rugby Park in a decade apparently) and missed a penalty into the bargain. It is also reckoned that EIGHT of Kilmarnock's first team squad were in Seville the previous Wednesday and they weren't there to supporto Porto. 'Sporting integrity' and Celtic FC? Don't make me laugh. But it shouldn't have been left to the Rangers support to make these statements.


2004 - The present Celtic manager, a piece of moral effluence spitting on a Rangers scarf and mouthing off to the Rangers dug out and support that we were 'Orange bastards..' This is a 'remarkable human being', right enough.


Now, I'm all for dignity and decorum, but what made this behaviour take us right off the map was that instead of them being put in the dock for their indiscipline that day, their then slimebag of a manager came out instead with an accusation that it was the Rangers fans who were to blame for 'racialism.' You could not make it up and I didn't, but our management took it in silence all the same.


2005 - A Rangers player gets whacked by a missile at the cesspit for the dastardly deed of taking a corner. We're still waiting on this one being followed up by the yahoos and their security. (Compare and contrast with our lot and Petrov and the mythical ice filled coke cup?) Again we are entitled to ask if our players should be afforded proper protection, surely?


2007 - After a 3-0 drubbing of them in the October of that year the yahoos Polish bampot of a goalkeeper came out with an entirely ludicrous and preposterous accusation that Rangers players spat on him.


You can be sure if it was McGregor who made that ludicrous claim, either back then or in the here and now the yahoo management would be all over the TV camera footage and shouting off in the press in defence of their charges. As for our lot? Do I really need to answer this one.


On and on it has continued' I mean, if getting a game postponed for Phil O'Donnell or the mythical tour of Japan in 2008 didn't or doesn't make our lot realise the utter dregs we are dealing with then I suppose nothing will. There are no pennies left to drop. They are utter slime, the absolute dregs of the sporting world. And that's to say nothing of wee Nacho being hit by a mobile phone, which mysteriously could not be traced.


Now I am a normal football fan. Unlike your common garden yahoo, I don't buy into Mulder and Scully, never have and never will. Yet you cannot help but look into the precise timing of the stitch up of Allan McGregor and ask WHO was behind this? Our management should have been demanding the answer. To my knowledge, they still haven't.


As I said at the top, someone either connected to CFC, or at least a sympathiser thereof, was involved here. I suspect that the management of our club have those same suspicions. Yet still we have the sound of silence crashing, resounding through our club. It just doesn't work anymore this 'dignified silence'. If truth were told, it never has worked, certainly not in the Murray era.


As I said, there are no more pennies left to drop. Old cartoons/caricatures showing William Wilton and Maley holding bags of coins with & signs on them do not work in the here and now.  We have nothing in common, nothing whatsoever, with this cheating conniving, manipulating, crazed club.


Our birth pangs were exactly that. Four teenagers, friends from childhood, getting together to form a football club. That lot on the other hand hit the ground running, due to being formed by wealthy RC bigots and stealing players away from their co-religionists in Edinburgh.


They were formed by a so called man of the cloth who was cutting around the streets of Glasgow with a murderer on his initial recruitment drive. We have nothing; I repeat absolutely nothing in common with this sporting evil and it is high time we cut the ropes binding us altogether.


Sharing a sporting ethos, you surely have to be joking? Willie Maley's brother Tom ran the line at CP back in 1891 in the first Scottish Cup tie between the two sides and apparently the Rangers players were bemused as he run up and down the line waving his flag and celebrating when they (Groves) scored the only goal of the game.


There are plenty more instances I could cite, but if we fast forward to the spring of 1968 and Rangers in a nightmare run of games, not unlike that of two years ago, were asked by the Glasgow FA to fulfil an outstanding Glasgow Cup tie against Celtic. Rangers, quite rightly had no option but to scratch from the competition. And the President of the Glasgow FA demanding this game go ahead? Why, it just happened to be the Celtic chairman, Bob Kelly.


A year later Colin Stein was kicked up and down Ibrox by Eddie Mulhern of the Clyde in a league game and he was sent off for finally hitting back in retaliation. His penalty was a 42-day ban, which conveniently enough meant Stein was suspended for the Scottish Cup final and a possible replay should it have occurred. And the president of the SFA at the time? Well cor blimey, wasn't it old man Kelly, yet again.


This January will see us commemorate the 40th anniversary of the saddest day in the club's history. We're allowing a Rangers hating, apartheid educated, brainwashed bigot to lead his ex club onto the park. This is the same bigot who has implied that the yahoos have been cheated by corrupt officials for the last half a century.


So in effect, Caldow, Baxter (the family), Henderson, McMillan, Millar Brand and Wilson just throw away your medals because according to Billy McBungle you only achieved them through dishonesty and had nothing to do with skill. I make no bones about it; the clown at Ibrox who thought up the idea of allowing that bampot onto Ibrox on Jan 2nd should be sacked.


Now we are reading daily fables in the mhedia and ex yahoos (Nicholas being an exception, strangely) whipping their deluded masses into a frenzy over referees and how they are being put upon.


Once again, you could not make these deluded clowns up, but they are being whipped up all the same and it is working. Although we cannot forget that for the main part, our so called impartial and neutral press are part of the yahoo propaganda machine.


Oh, and another thing, watch what is happening here, the ex yahoos can say what they want and as it is just a personal opinion therefore technically it has nothing to do with the club itself. Therefore, the message Liewell wants to get across, is getting across with impunity.


 Events of the Old Firm game just past at CP when they were awarded three penalty kicks and we had a perfectly good goal disallowed and a tenuous penalty given against us, has now set the tone for the rest of this season. Their can be no excuses for silence at Ibrox any longer. And if that means coming to loggerheads with that shower then it is not before time.