Mining the Signings

Last updated : 24 June 2015 By Grandmaster Suck

In the fifteen years of the main drivers for traffic are -

1/  Signing new players

2/  Big Champions League nights

3/  Games versus Celtic

The club needs a fresh approach to covering signings - and indeed its whole output via the various media options it had.  But let’s stay with what it can control rather than getting into arguing about the Scottish media: the club website needs a change of culture.  Under  the various regimes of Murray, Bain, Green, Easdale, etc the tone of output was restrained and bog standard because that was the culture imposed.   The natural enthusiasm and mischievousness of the likes of Andrew Dickson was strictly limited.  Rab Boyle’s pre-match picture stories are great but again could be a bit more rock n roll.  We need to allow the talent to run free.

The club needs to drive season ticket sales, promote a positive feeling and generate a crusading atmosphere that will take us back to the top flight.

Fans have an insatiable thirst for information about the club - so let’s give them as much as we can.  Not just the standard pictures holding a scarf aloft and not just one ‘welcome to Ibrox’ chat on Rangers TV.   Let’s spread the news by getting different interviews in depth with each new player - get him, get his former colleagues, fans of clubs he has played for, even journalists who covered his career at this old clubs - and let the fans get to know the players rather than having an invisible velvet cord separating fans from players.

We’ve got a new regime at the club - let’s also have a new culture in coverage that the club produces: honest, in-depth, cutting edge.

We’ve got the people in place to do it if they are let off the leash.