Kenny Miller: No Thanks

Last updated : 11 January 2008 By Erwin Ganghutter
Let's be in no doubt about this one.  He was overrated at Hibs, Tricky Dicky paid over the odds, only for him to flop at Ibrox, he lowered his sights by moving to Wolves but was no great shakes there either, then amazingly we found ourselves engaged in an auction, competing with Ra Sellick in a race to bring him back to Scotland.  But he showed himself up for the greedy wee bassa he is by opting for the Piggery over the Brox but, surprise surprise, he bombed there too and was soon hustled off to mighty Derby County.

Three goals, two against a typically erratic Newcastle, is his meagre Premiership goal tally as Derby quickly head back from whence they came.  Billy Davies paid for their inability to hack it at a higher level with his job and now it is clear his successor, Paul Jewell, wants to see Kenny Misser off the premises.

I can't think of a single valid reason to bring him back to Rangers.  He has struggled everywhere he has been and it would be a major gamble with dosh we don't have to stake good money on him turning things around if he comes back to us.

But much more significantly, Miller had his chance to come back just 18 months ago, only for him to snub our great club.  As I understand it, both clubs offered wages of £12k a week, his agent (was it McKay?) persuaded Liewell to offer an extra grand, then came back to us and asked us to match their bid.  We said No, so Septic got themselves a new player who, if my memory serves me correctly, was quick to tell all and sundry how proud he was to play for Them.

Can we ever forget (or forgive) the way he milked his goal against us just over a year ago?  And remember him beating his chest and currying favour with the Great Unwashed after he fluked a goal or two in the Champions League (at home, of course!).  Yes, pros have to give their all for whoever pays their wages but I'm afraid this particular individual crossed a line when he chose the Scum Of over the Sons Of, all for the sake of a few quid.

So, Walter, next time you hear our views on the possibility of this bit of business booming out around Ibrox, don't be inclined to turn a deaf ear.  The not-so-silent majority have spoken.  C'mon, you know, he just isn't that good a player anyway.