Keep Your Powder Dry

Last updated : 28 February 2012 By Mark Dingwall

At every fans convention or conference I've ever been to the groups which have organised their supports during administration or liquidation all sing the same song - DON'T HAND OVER ANY MONEY UNLESS YOU GET SOMETHING FOR IT - TICKETS, HOSPITALITY OR SHARES.  SIMPLY DONATING CASH TO ADMINISTRATORS IS THROWING IT DOWN A BLACK HOLE.


The big picture is this - we want to save Rangers.  The support has a finite amount of money to give.  Spend as much of it on working capital to rebuild the club and as little as possible on old owners, old debts or administrators fees.  


The administrators have enough money to run the club to the end of the season - there may be redundancies amongst staff - that is sad but it is inevitable - best to help them by creating a job bank and finding them new employment.  Hopefully most can be rehired when a new Board takes over.


If you want to help Rangers right now - the most practical thing you can do is buy tickets for matches, that will keep the club going and save a few more jobs in the short-term.  Keep your big money for the new share issue that will have to happen.