How Were The Early 80's For You?

Last updated : 30 January 2003 By Grandmaster Suck

I saw some of the bears on about the early 80's on the message board the other day and it got me thinking about those days.

Yes days when every away game was something to be worried about.

At the time our jinx grounds were just about every away ground in the Premier league.We always seemed to play at Dens on a wet and windy midweek and all the bears were huddled together in the TCK end usually ended up with John Brown scoring the winner for Dundee.

When getting a point at Pittodrie meant a lap of honour and Bears  celebrating.We always got humped (apart from 82 or 83) but the Bears just carried on singing non stop for 90 mins. Always remember going to up to Aberdeen to a midweek game and it was snowing really bad and some Bears were still trying to go over Broad Hill and there was about 2 ft of snow most ended up sliding back down the hill on there asses.

Going to Ibrox was an experience to when we played the likes of  St.Mirren and Morton me and my mate would have bets on the crowd  reaching the Yellow or Read seats in the Govan.

Although it was despair in the way the team played,there was  something about the support then that also gives me fond memories.

The way we would go to The Piggery and the Sheep pen and just give  the team 100% backing and make a hell of a noise,I would come out of these games hardly able to speak because of the amount of singing.

I leave you a wee story from the early 80's and how even in the  middle of despair someone will always give you inspiration.We were  playing Sellik at Ibrox John Grieg had just been sacked Jimmy Nichol made his Ibrox debut we played not bad but down 2-0 and this old Bear must have been in his 70's turned to me and said "don't worry son we will be back one day because we are Rangers".

I just hope that guy was around when Souness came and we did come back.