Half a revolution is no solution

Last updated : 05 June 2015 By Grandmaster Suck

They can’t afford to fluff their lines.  Already many of their natural allies are edgy due to the lack of public utterances about the future of the club and their plans.

We may have the strategy in broad outline but now that we know which league we are in the Board now have all their targets lined up.

Manager, Chief Exec, Finance Director, season ticket prices, relations with football bodies, handling the media, renovating Ibrox, the share issue - those are the big ticket items.  We need a clear roadmap - it can’t be fudged or there will be no feel-good factor (and that’s difficult enough to kickstart after this last season)  and if no feel-good then no good.

The club needs to be seen to have undergone a change of culture - for too long dignified silence to media jibes has been the governing principle - that’s proven to be an abject failure.  I’m not advocating going demented over every imagined slight - and sometimes the club will be privy to info which means jumping in feet first is not the cleverest even if the punters are clamouring for action.  

Yet we do need a long-term approach to silence the troublemakers and bigots in the media whose actions have cost the club millions over the years.  We need to both sell Rangers and defend it.

The media is an external problem.  Internally there are problem areas too.

Some staff need to be reminded that Martin Bain, David Murray, Charles Green or the Easdales are not there anymore, their old masters have gone.  If they have talent it should be allowed to flourish without having to look over their shoulders - fans have often been regarded as a tedious necessity rather than the lifeblood of the club.   That change of culture is the easiest and yet most important change the Board can introduce.

For too many years we have allowed outsiders to define us, stigmatise us, progandise against us - and end to that must be signalled and it must go hand in hand with a rational business plan - either will not work alone.