Groundhog Sundays

Last updated : 02 February 2006 By Blueforyou
McNee was taking obvious delight in ripping everything Rangers-wise apart again and again - from the RST, to a song about Aiden McGeady, to Eggs Benedict. I did email McNee and his cohorts at the NOTW with a few questions but to no avail. Over the years about six emails and two letters have remained unanswered. Courtesy does not go hand-in-hand with McNee.
So some quotes from McNee:

"Strathclyde Police should summon Stephen Smith to their HQ and administer the verbal shellacking of his life. In the good old days they could have given this twerp a cuff on the ear as well. "
In other words I condone police brutality.

"Stephen who? Quite! He's apparently a spokesman for the RST which has ridiculously and shamefully accused officers, prepared to risk their own safety for our protection, of bias.
The Chief Const. would be within his rights hitting Smith with a lawsuit. Essentially they're suggesting corrupt policing. Smith claims that officers appear to be acting on a nakedly political agenda by systematically & unreasonably targeting Rangers fans in terms of sectarian arrests. " 
 Risking their own safety behind Rocksteady Security stewards of course. A lawsuit? Bias against Rangers fans? Surely not? 24 arrests in the Rangers end compared to just 2 in the Celtic end at the League Cup game at Parkhead earlier in the season. Arrests were to be made for 'Sectarian Offenses'. Obviously not a peep out of any of the 52, 000 Celtic fans there that night, or maybe not enough officers willing to 'risk their own safety'. . . ?

"Has it crossed the Trust's tiny minds that the traveling supports of both Rangers & Celtic are a blight on the land from Aberdeen to Kilmarnock and beyond?"
McNee had to add 'Celtic' in that bit even though he didn't really want to, but he's not bias you know. Scottish football might be in a mess but imagine the mess without the OF? McNee can't grasp the fact Rangers have the biggest share of fans in Scotland.

"And that generally Rangers might have a bigger sectarian problem at their home matches... "
Hmmn... Saltires and Union Flags, are they sectarian, are they really? What, the flags of our country? Are there any clubs that fly flags from another country of one they don't play in themselves? Do their fans carry those flags too? Can't think of one myself... What are the sectarian parts of the FF song Gerry can you tell us? Is it Dublin? That's a place you know Gerry. Oh and Rangers played Bohemians there in Europe once, yes a football team Gerry, that's football in Dublin, in Europe. Maybe the supporters were ahead of themselves adding Dublin before they played a team from there. Or maybe it’s because, pre-World War One we used to play there every summer?

"They claim one Rangers fan was arrested for singing a song asking what part of Ireland Aiden McGeady was from. He's actually from Scotland. Do they condone such songs?"
The same Scottish born McGeady who declared and denounced his 'Scottishness' with a desire to play for Eire.

"Till I'm blue in the face (hopefully soon), yes! I'll go on about Rangers playing over their PA a reference to following their team to Dublin. That line is sectarian in such a context and encourages sectarianism"
Sigh... I've never been to Dublin and I've never been encouraged to go despite hearing FF several hundred times over the years, obviously to be sectarian there.
Gerry you are a Groundhog Day, a stuck record,Van overbearing self-important buffoon.