Follow Follow Issue 205 - Out 17th January v Falkirk!

Last updated : 16 January 2009 By Grandmaster Suck

Brock Stoker looks behind the headlines
and examines Rangers finances

RFCJonnya and Bri_Rtid tell what motivated them to put up
the David Murray Must Go banner at the St Johnstone game

Little Boy Blue runs the measuring tape over Kris Boyd
and how vital he is in the race for the championship

Cardee and the Gub give their views on the year that was 2008

Ayrshire Billy Boy has his version of the Willie Johnston story

Deedle has a historical perspective on our current crisis

Number Eight argues that disunity is healthy

The Glaswegian Bar is reviewed

The Way We Were is a look back to 70s fan culture

And much, much more!

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