Fighting Back - And Winning

Last updated : 02 February 2006 By Ayrshire Billy Boy
Briefly, for those unaware, McNee compared the magnificent display organised by the Bears prior to the Inter Milan game to being akin to a Nuremberg rally.  He repeated this slur and was backed up by Spiers after his newspaper was bombarded with complaints.  These complaints were dismissed by Spiers as being an irrelevance.

The RST, in a perfect example of how to retaliate gained the opportunity a right of reply in the NotW by approaching the editor and Press Complaints Commission in a professional and level-heaed manner.  In a perfectly worded and dignified rebuttal of McNee’s lies and insinuations, the RST media spokesman – himself a victim of McNee’s slurs – demolished what had been said about the Rangers support. 

McNee was therefore backed into a corner.  Faced with the reality of this, his column of 22nd January contained a pathetic attempt to condemn the Celtic fans’ effort of creating a foreign flag to mark Roy Keane’s first game at home.  In this instance, a laughable attempt at a piece of hard hitting journalism is connected to a laughable display of A4 pieces of paper. 

That’s beside the point though.  The crux of this issue is that a dedicated group of Rangers supporters acting out of nothing other than a love of the Club have taken on and soundly demolished the dreams of invincibility held by wretches like McNee and Spiers.  They have been made to look foolish, intellectually shallow and ridiculed in front of their colleagues, editors, readership and peers.  It is a  massive victory and a perfect example of what can be achieved when the collective weight, dedication and intellect of the Rangers support is united. 

As welcome a result as this is, there are many battles yet to be fought.  The RST have led the way and is gaining more and more members with each passing week.  The more that join, the bigger and more attainable our targets become.  Do yourself a favour and join the fightback if you haven’t already done so.

Ayrshire Billy Boy