Last updated : 26 January 2007 By ERWIN GANGHUTTER

Doing Us A Turn

Just before the opening of the transfer window and all
through January, the big phrase as Bears discuss who
may or may not be on his way to Ibrox has been ‘he
could do us a turn'. Rather than get ourselves
players who might rise to greatness with Rangers, we
appear to be resigned to stop-gap measures to halt the
worrying decline in our fortunes.

I couldn't believe my ears when I heard it suggested
that Steven Pressley might ‘do us a turn'. In my eyes
he's been overrated for years, too cumbersome, one of
those who sticks his hand in the air and expects the
linesman to do his defending for him, so I certainly
didn't want him returning to Ibrox. I was one very
happy bunny when he signed for FC Semtex. I'll be
looking for wee Nacho to be snapping at his heels in
the next Old Firm game and I'm convinced we'll get
some joy there.

Andy Webster and David Weir are certainly capable of
doing a turn for us, as is Ugo Ehiogu, I'm not too
sure about Scott Brown and Kevin Thomson, but I'd like
to see us pursue our interest in Alan Gow.

In terms of potential, we can look forward to eight or
ten years from Webster and Gow and, having been
impressed by Brown at the Hearts-Hibs game at New
Year, he could add some much needed dig to our
midfield. Looking at the long-term planning, these
guys would certainly do a turn for us and, with Walter
restoring a Scottish backbone to the side, things
might start to look a bit brighter soon


Just When I Thought I Knew It All

My suspicious mind worked overtime when the ‘Barry
stripped of the captaincy' story broke and anyone who
wanted to listen (and a few who didn't) got the
benefit of my wisdom on the way to Fir Park.

Approaching the January transfer window, I'd envisaged
PLG putting together a list of signing targets, taking
it to Murray and Bain, only to get funny looks in

"Sorry, Paul, you'll have to sell before you can buy."

And who happens to be our most saleable asset? So I
envisaged Baz heading back to England, with the cash
being used to fund any plans PLG had for adding to the
squad and, as we discussed the possibility, it was
pointed out that Big Eck had adopted a similar signing
strategy two years ago when Boumsong's move to
Newcastle financed his January dealings.

Of course, events took a very different turn with Le
Gaffer heading back to France and the armband being
returned to Barry. That was a development I didn't
see happening as those who had to listen to my ‘expert
opinion' have been quick to point out.

Mind you, as we watch Walter scrambling around the
lower end of the transfer market, I've yet to be
convinced that the scenario I envisaged would not have
been the better option.

Nae Brains...And Quick Wit

What did the Dundee United fans think they were doing
when they taunted us by chanting PLG's name?

The Le Guen era is hardly something we can take any
pride in but has anyone checked out the list of failed
managers at Tannadice? Maybe the Blue Order should
have sung There's Only One Billy Kirkwood/Gordon
Chisholm/ Ian McCall/ Craig Brewster.

Mind you, Arabs don't have any monopoly on stupidity.
A Jambo acquaintance recently came along to Ibrox and
was well pleased to see Alex MacDonald on the pitch
doing the half-time draw.

"Aye, Wee Doddie," he smiled. "A real Hearts man."

A few of us just about choked on our pie and bovril
and, listening in on our chat, one punter quickly
brought our Jambo to heel.

"Next thing ye'll be telling us George Best was a
dyed-in-the-wool Hibby."