Donations Not Necessary

Last updated : 02 March 2012 By Mark Dingwall

If you want to help Rangers - buy something - get tickets, treat yourself to hospitality, buy a Rising Stars ticket or get into the megastore at Ibrox.



In discussions with the administrators the Rangers Supporters Assembly has been give this advice:-



•  The current running costs mean the Club is losing around £1m per month so the cuts that need to be announced will seem severe.


•  The final details of the cuts to players and staff have not been agreed but are in the ballpark reported in the press.


•  There is around £4m in the Collier Bristow accounts which has now been frozen - they will need a further Court hearing to decide how much of it the Club receives.


•  The Administrators do not favour taking fans' money now because of problems attributing it to specific costs - it's a legal minefield and would take up a lot of resource.


•  They have a timetable for interested parties to sort out the genuine bids by 16 March - still a fair bit of interest.


Just handing over cash to the administrators is lunacy.  Every other set of fans who have been in our position say - “Get tickets or shares for your money, don’t just hand it over with no strings attached.”


It will not save the club.


There is no need to do it.


It will not save the club.


In talks with the administrators they have said they do not need it.


If Craig Whyte is charge you are throwing your money down a black hole.


What will save the club long-term is a massive cash injection via a share issue to the fans once the control of the club has been taken away from the kamikaze pilot.  Save your big money for then.