Concerns for the safety of El Hadji Diouf at Parkhead.

Last updated : 19 February 2011 By Concerned Citizen

Not simply because he's the living incarnation of the bogey-man and quite likely to be a popular man amongst the dedicated Christians in the home areas.

Not because they tend to have a bit of a problem keeping people off the grass at Parkhead.

No - it's because EHD takes corner-kicks for The Rangers. And that's a dangerous activity at the home of the runners-up.

It's not just the coins, or the lighters, or the mobile phones, or the mass of people running down stairs and jumping from tiers that Diouf has to worry about.

It's the fact that the police and stewards don't seem able to contain  or punish the rabid ones. Fernando Ricksen was struck while taking a corner SIX YEARS ago. They never caught the man responsible. Someone may have to suffer more than an eye injury before proper action is taken.

We can only hope EHD doesn't add a scar or a serious injury to his delicious stripe.

You may recall the Hooped Horrors throwing seasonal missiles at the officials at Tannadice this season - they haven't gone away, you know.

PS - The reason we are playing at lunchtime is because of 1999, and the game where fans threw enough official appreciation on to the park to fill up any Penny Arcade machine. There were multiple attempts to assault the referee by invading supporters and we witnessed the spectacle of a dismissed player attempting to attack the man in black before refusing to leave the pitch.

All because of Celtic, their team and their support. Let's not forget that.

And let's hope El Hadji Diouf and all other Rangers employees and supporters make it through the match safely.