Can spilt milk still end up like cream? (Gub's Friday Ramble)

Last updated : 15 May 2009 By The Govanhill Gub
I don’t suppose there’s too much to be added to Wednesday shambles, and it truly was a shambles. Although gauging the reaction of every bluenose in work yesterday there has been a side effect. And that is, Walter Smith is fast losing every shred of credibility he’s ever had.

Now if FF is not representative of the Rangers support, then it has to be argued that every one of those spitting blood at what had taken place the previous evening actually are representative of the support at large.

That is, they don’t, the vast majority of them anyway, do this or any other Rangers website: they by and large get their news through the red tops. And this came across the whole spectrum of the work force from cleaners through to tradesmen through to management.

I know if we’d have been asked to be in this present situation on December 28th last year we would have taken it like a shot. But after all the good work and hard slog to finally nudge ourselves in front, to see it blown away because of the negativity in the first half is beyond the pale.

This was a ‘must win’ game and the difference in the collective attitude of the side between both halves was there for all to see. And the manager has to take the blame.

It’s not being wise after the event, but there’s no doubt Miller would have played if he had been fit. So why didn’t he simply replace Miller with the player in the squad nearest to him in terms of pace and putting in a shift? I refer to Novo of course.

Of course the wee man should have burst the net with his two efforts, but at least it was his endeavour to get into those spaces that was the problem for the Hibs defence. Unlike when the two stooges were busy doing nothing in the first forty-five. Of course you have to feel a certain symathy for a strike force starved of the oxygen of chances being made for them. That patently wasn’t working and a change should have came about sooner. When the change did come we were now chasing the game.

Then there was the controversial incident with the goal that was not given. Well, that’s three times this season this has happened to us. Pittodrie, Fir Park and now Easter Rd. Coincidence?

Whether it is or not, that’s six points lost. Strangely enough I don’t remember any nine-page spreads by the dross who were only too happy to do a hatchet job on Andy Davis four years ago.

However, which way you care to look at it, there is a growing number of us out here now vindicated when we say that this ‘dignified silence’ of ours must take a large portion of the blame at what is going on in this third world little hole.

Ther linesman this week has previous against us as anyone who attended the League Cup Q/F against you know who at Ibrox in November 2004 will testify. I’ve never seen a linesman encroach onto the filed of play the way he did that night to make sure Rangers never got a corner. If they had I’m pretty sure Cryans would have been on the goal line to help make a clearance.

At least we now know what has to be done this Saturday and that is go out from the very first minute with the intention of running up a cricket score. Of course Aberdeen will not be the subdued side from a fortnight ago, but so what? And if we know what is required then surely the manager must also.

Mind you severe humpings of Aberdeen don’t come along too often. I can still remember, just about, a sunny day at CP exactly 40 years ago in a Scottish Cup semi. There was a wonderful exhibition in the League Cup at Ibrox in 1977 and there was a doing handed out in 1997. This will also always be remembered for Dolly’s behaviour during the minute’s silence for George Young.

So there you go, It might not be all or nothing on Saturday but it is just about. A swing in the goal difference might just put an edge on the yahoos on Sunday, but you know deep down that although they might be garbage, they’ll at least try to have a go, unlike our lot in the first half the other night.

Four years ago, a big no nonsense honest central defender told us to ‘keep believing’. Sadly, the number of people who still keep believing in the manager is plunging by the day. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if he confounds his critics one more time?