Bar 72 Reviewed

Last updated : 14 January 2008 By Godrup
The recent Stuttgart game gave me the opportunity to visit Rangers newest addition to Ibrox, Bar 72 for the Televising of Rangers crucial match against German champions VFB Stuttgart in the champion's league. Having heard good things about it already I was looking forward to my visit.

From the start it was a great and enjoyable experience, the friendly door staff more than happy to help and chat. On entry you receive your token for your meal and complimentary pint to start the evening.

First thing that you see is 5 large plasma screen TV`s, all well positioned around the room giving you great viewing of the match. The open blinds give you a spectacular view of the west end of Glasgow. The room itself is spacious and well laid out with much more of a casual feel than what I had expected, but it went with the tone of the evening.

Onto the food available and you are not disappointed. On the menu was Chilli Con Carne with rice, Chicken Bhoona with rice or Buffalo Mozzarella pasta. Thing is you might expect this to be of heat up and serve standard but far from it, everything had been freshly cooked and everyone enjoyed what they had. I opted for the curry, which was of a cracking standard and a size able portion to boot, which was washed down well with the free pint.

Drinks wise, on tap you have Carling and Caffrey's, perhaps not my favourite pints, however chilled to perfection and served with a smile and with no wait at all from the bar staff. Price wise for the drinks, it compares favourably with any local you may use, a pint of Carling coming in at £2:40 and Caffrey's 10 pence dearer at £2:50, which is just 5 pence more expensive than my local for both drinks. If pints are not your thing, you have a good range of spirits and bottled beers, and for the ladies white wine, all at a price comparable with your local, and certainly less expensive than the city centre.

Onto the match itself and it made a great difference to know you were watching in an environment where you were surrounded by like minded people. Hopes were well raised with Adams' great finish for the first, leading to great celebrations, with the staff joining in with those which was great to see, but alas the victory was not to be, but it never dampened the spirit in the bar.

At half time, you were served with your scotch pie which again was freshly cooked and piping hot, a great wee touch.

I attended the screening with my brother and dad in tow, and both of them were very impressed with the set up, and standard of food, drink and atmosphere. Rangers have had a habit of getting it horribly wrong for some time now, but this place certainly bucks that trend, and in time, will only improve on the excellent start it has made.

It may be a £12 entry fee, but it more than made up for it with the quality of the food and the service offered, and the fact you are in with your own, and I would certainly recommend every fan with the chance to try it at least once, you will not be disappointed.

The next match being screened will be against Celtic (whenever that is!), to me it seems like a good idea to give Bar 72 a go.

To make your reservations please call 0871 702 1972 and press option 5 and then option 9.

Tickets are £12.00 per person and will include a free pint on arrival, a hot dish prior to the game and a pie at half time.

Children over 14 are welcome to attend with an adult.

Celtic V Rangers Bar 72 Screening will still be available once a suitable date has been found for it.